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Nov 26, 2013 02:40 AM

Victoria Falls

I'm staying at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. They have a decent selection of game meat on the menu, I had warthog last night. The restaurant is pretty good. I was at the Royal Livingston Hotel this morning and it looked really swanky. Too bad its a pain to cross the border.

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  1. Last night at Boma, I had a Mopani worm, warthog, buffalo, guinea fowl, some sausages, grilled goat, and bream. In addition to the ayck buffet, there was singing, dancing, drumming, voluntary audience participation.

    1. I also went to two restaurants in town, Lola's Tapas and Mama Africa. Lola's game dishes are their specials which are not On the menu but on a blackboard. Mama Africa is the same, but has fewer specials when I went there. Lola's doesn't accept credit cards and I didn't see any sign that says they do. In contrast, Mama Africa had MC signs in their windows but when I gave them my card, they said the machine is not working. I had a crocodile Caesar salad at Lola's that was forgettable, but that's because I didn't see the specials before I ordered (I was sitting with my back to the blackboard). At Mama Africa I ordered two dishes - veggie curry and hunter's stew, with their game meat of the day. Whatever the game meat was, it was tough and the whole stew was relatively flavorless. The veggie curry was decent, mostly carrots and potato in Indian curry.

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        Lunch on the terrace at the Vic Falls Hotel is a singular experience…not for the food, but the Colonial-era atmosphere. I would expect to pay in cash. Imagine that it is not easy getting great-quality food supplies in Zim right now. As for meats, impala can be excellent.

      2. I thought the border crossing was pretty easy. I liked Mama Africa, and high tea at Royal Livingston. the best part wasn't the food - it was jumping in devil's pool, going on a bird watching drive w Charles Brightman and seeing elephants swim across the Zambezi

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          I was traveling by myself, and the hotel would not provide a transfer unless there are at least 2 passengers. So I had to take one taxi to the Zimbabwe border, go through immigration there. Take another taxi from the Zimbabwe check-point across the bridge to the Zambia check-point, go through immigration there. Take a third taxi from Zambia check-point to the Royal Livingston. I turns out to be cheaper than paying for a transfer. Nonetheless, it was worth the hassle to visit Devil's Pool.

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            ha, maybe I'm jaded or something, it does take several taxis! but, so worth it to get to go in the devil's pool - still a high point in my memory of the trip.