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Finally! A Terrific Lamb Kebab Sandwich Near Us (Lex/Winch/Wob/Burl/Arl)

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After learning of Lexington's Sizzling House of Kebab on Swank's Lex/Arl thread, we raced over there yesterday.I have to tell you, we were really pleased with the food we got there last night.

The biggest hit was the lamb kebab roll up, Wow! Finally an intelligent chef who knows how to make these roll ups easier to eat! The lamb had been marinated, grilled and then cut up into bite size pieces: Miracle! It was the most flavorful and tender/non gristly lamb i have had in Boston. My Love still thought there wasn't enough of it, but i was/am ecstatic. There was a regular tahini dressing but the roll up also had a whole other level of flavor in the cumin sumac dressing tossed with the cuke/chopped banana peppers/lettuce/ tomato in the roll up. Yay,cuuumin!
(Maybe he solved his dry pita problem, cuz the pita was fresh and not dried out.)

We also scarfed the recommended 'tomatoey babaganoush'- Mirzaghasemi- with its addictive smokiness. I think I could eat that every day. The Sweet corn and beet salad was good and refreshing but I preferred it combined with some cooked wheat grains we had on hand.

I would not order the regular baba again because the eggplant had not been smoked/charred over a flame, and was bleh and kind of bitter. Ditto with the chicken kebab rollup, unfortunately. (Unless it's because it was the end of the night) it had not been marinated and was dry as a bone.

Fred, the chef/owner is Irani, and Thank You for him is TAHSH a kor'.
Man , are we psyched. FINally, after 26 years, we don’t have to drive into Camb/Boston for a good lamb kabob sandwich! Great Thanks again to CHounds Edokko and Isolda.

*Flaming House of Kebab is located in a small shopping center on Woburn St. on the Wob/Burl side of Lex. where iirc, there used to be a Pasta shop.

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  1. Always glad to provide tips to fellow 'hounds!

    1. Yes, I drive past that plaza every day heading home from work.. never even suspected it was there, now looking for an excuse to get a schwarma

      1. The shopping center is at the corner of Woburn and Lowell (Msx Tpk) streets.

        The food is halal, fyi.

        I second the enthusiasm.

        1. Glad you like it, this is one of our favorites around here. My husband has been picking it up lately but unless they've changed things since the last time I was in, it's worth noting it's more of a takeout place.


          1. This is strictly takeout only with a few chairs for takeout customers.

            Opionatedchef, next time but the name of the restaurant in the title so other people can find it.


            1. Awesome, glad you liked it! I will warn others who haven't tried it yet that the food is cooked to order and always takes a bit longer than they say, so allow for this.

              1. My Love was very disapp. by the falafel, just fyi.

                1. I had the beef schwarma and I have to say I was disappointed, as was my wife with the falafel wrap.

                  It didn't compare well to my favorite one in the area at Sabb's in Norwood. The pickled vegetables were scarce and way too much sauce.

                  1. We tried Sizzling House of Kabab recently - agree that the lamb kabob was deliciously marinated, perfectly cooked, and served in nice little bite size slices - but there were not nearly enough of them for the price - the chicken breast kabab was healthy and flavorless as expected, but moist. Hummus served with the plates was some of the best we've had in long time - very light, fresh, and flavorful.

                    It was shame no pita was included with it and the tabouleh - perhaps only by request, but disappointing at $10-$12 per plate for lunch. The sides of grape leaves and lentil soup were also good.

                    Portions are on the small side and prices are on the high side - otherwise, we would probably become weekly regulars based on the food quality. Definitely call ahead to order or prepare to wait as everything is prepared to order. Eating in is not an option.