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Nov 25, 2013 09:40 PM

Should I freeze kale if I'm going to eat it in a few days?

I'm planning on having kale for Turkey day, does it make sense to freeze it tonight only to cook it in 3 days?

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  1. It probably will keep in the fridge without further processing. It's pretty hardy, and does not wilt fast - after all it is a type of cabbage.

    But often I will clean, trim and blanch it shortly after getting home, and use it later. This saves space, and works for most uses that call for cooked kale.

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      Thanks PaulJ!! I soaked it yesterday evening and rinsed off all the bunches I had twice and bagged them up, making sure to squeeze all of the air out of them. I plan to cook them early tomorrow morning.

      I was wondering though, two things, one is if the large opaque bags you get at the grocery store good enough to hold them in with the little bit of water that they hold until tomorrow morning and two, will the water in the bag harm them at all? Thanks in advance.

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        Mine keeps better outside of the plastic, it can collect condensation inside of the bag. I just wrap the bunch in a clean dish towel or some paper towels and place in the fridge. Its fine that way for 5-6days before the edges of the leaves start to yellow

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          i'm with you -- i'd store it outside of a bag, in a towel to absorb condensation (which is not the friend of your kale, or any greens).

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          In the future don't wash greens until you are going to use them. Moisture deteriorates greens.

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            Thanks for the advice. I do have a question though. If moisture deteriorates greens, why did they get crispy while in the fridge? Can you please explain? Thanks.

      2. I always save the kale for last to use with my CSA share, as it seems to last forever- like weeks. It does not get slimy or wilted like swiss chard or beet greens. You definitely do not have to worry about it being fresh for Thanksgiving, especially since you plan to serve it cooked, as opposed to a kale salad, where I would use the freshest.
        Some takes on kale from a kale expert:


        1. Kale, especially with the stems on, is very hardy. I usually trim the stem ends, and then stand in a vase or small pail with about 1" of water. Seems to work well for 4-5 days, at cool room temp or in the fridge.

          1. Kale seems to last almost forever in the fridge. Many days, certainly.

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              Hi Harters,

              Yeah I decided to keep the kale in bags and they held up pretty well actually. The only thing was that the leaves were a little crisp when I took them out of the bag. Other than that, they cooked well. Thanks everybody for your responses!! They were very helpful. I still have some leftover from Turkey day that I am still eating and they are pretty tasty!! :-)