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Nov 25, 2013 09:05 PM

Deuxave, Troquet or Ribelle for Milestone Birthday?

I am taking my spouse out for a milestone birthday. We both like good restaurants and my spouse follows the comings and goings of chefs/restaurants in Boston. We have been to the "classics" Clio, Mistral, No 9 L'espalier etc. We have not been to Ribelle, Troquet or Deuxave yet. Your thoughts on which one to try is appreciated. I have yet to pick a poor birthday dinner, I need another success this year.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I am a big fan of the food at Ribelle but it has a pretty basic bistro feel and gets WICKED loud. I would pick Deuxave: elegant surroundings, elegant innovative food, and the beauty of tree lights on Comm Ave.

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      Thanks, I get the sense that Deuxave is more elegant and a milestone birthday calls for more elegance.

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        Deuxave would be my choice, followed by Troquet.

        Ribelle is definitely not elegant.

      2. If wine is terrifically important to the birthday honoree, that would tip the decision toward Troquet. Otherwise, I defer to the others.

        1. I took my husband to Deuxave for a recent birthday dinner. We both enjoyed it very much. He declared their duck confit the best he'd ever had.

          I like Trouquet as well, though the ambiance is a little nicer at Deuxave.

          I've not been to Ribelle yet. Definitely need to try it.

          1. I think Ribelle's food is the most interesting of the bunch, but it's got the most casual atmosphere. Troquet has a terrific wine list, but I have found the food a little disappointing for the prices on my last couple of visits. Deuxave has the nicest atmosphere, and very nice food.

            I'd choose Ribelle for my own celebration, but would probably recommend Deuxave to most people, as ambiance usually counts for a lot in occasion dinners.


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              Slim, I agree that Troquet's list is very extensive and well-chosen, and I know they've won some awards for it, but last time I was there I had a hard time finding anything under $95 that was worth trying. Seemed like high markup, even for Boston, and also geared heavily to more expensive bottles.

            2. And the winner is...... Deuxave! We went to Deuxave and had an outstanding meal. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Most importantly, my wife was thrilled. I thank everyone for your feedback and advice. Chow Hound has once again lived up to its reputation and served it core purpose.

              I had the lobster gnocchi and my wife had the beet salad as appetizers. Both were superb. I should have had the gnocchi supersized to an entree. It was that good.

              For entrees, we had the duck breast and seared tuna. Again superb. Both of us would have licked the plates if we were not in public.

              We share the dark chocolate cremeux. Delicious.

              The only down side if there was one, was the service. Our waiter was excellent in all regards except one. He did not pace the dinner well. We were seated fairly early in the evening and I think he did not have a lot of tables. Very attentive and extremely knowledgeable about the menu. However, we felt rushed. We felt that we had to deliberately slow down our eating to try and make the meal last longer. It was not as nice of a leisurely relaxing meal as it could have been. We have both waited tables in past lives and love and appreciate great service. He was everything we like in a waiter, personable, knowledgeable, attentive, in tune with our dining needs etc. He just needed to slow things down a tad.

              One other worthy note was the bar tending. We went to the bar afterwards for a cocktail or two. There were two bartenders, one left early to go home. Both the original bartender and the replacement were professionally polite. We did note that when two different groups of people sat down at the bar they lit up and were very warm, friendly and gregarious with them. Turns out, the people worked in the industry at other restaurants. For the patrons at the bar not in the industry, they were cool and professional. We would have liked to have had a little bit of the warmth and friendliness shown their friends. We understand we are not in the industry and we are not their friends. We were not looking for or expecting that level of engagement. However, a little bit of warmth and making us feel welcome at the bar would have been nice.

              Overall, we had a great time. The pace and lack of warmth at the bar are very very minor complaints at worst. I highly recommend eating at Deuxave. We are both interested in Ribelle from a food standpoint but wanted a more elegant meal and we got what we wanted. Now to venture over to Ribelle after the holiday rush.

              Thanks again for the spot on recommendations.

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                yay,bb. Congrats! and th you for the details.