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Nov 25, 2013 08:17 PM

Manhattan Kosher Restaurants Open Friday Evening

We are looking for a kosher restaurant in Manhattan (mid-town or upper west side, preferably) that provides pre-paid Shabbat evening meals. The only one I have found is Talias, which is a little pricey for a family of 5. Any suggestions?



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  1. I can't think of any restaurant cheaper than Talias that offers pre-paid meals. Your best alternative is probably to order takeout from Seasons, Kosher Marketplace, or a similar store and eat it in your hotel. Or you could look into one of the chabad options.

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      Sadly I think avitrek is right, nothing cheaper than Talia's. You might do better with prepared food in your hotel room.

    2. i know its not UWS but sacred chow i think also has a prepaid option. not sure how shabbosdik it is though.

      1. Take out is easy in Manhattan. Chabad in Midtown has a reputation for serving lovely Shabbat meals, you might ask them about a family price.

        1. Thanks for all the responses. I think we will order in from Ta'am Tov for Friday night and do our big "splurge" on Thursday or Saturday night. So I have a new question: which restaurant with good kosher steak (not necessarily a "steak house") would you recommend? I've aready eliminated the Prime Grill as ridiculously expensive, and we've gone to Le Maras on every single trip to New York. It looks like the choice in Manhattan, then, boils down to three: Wolf and Lamb, Abigael's, and Talia's. Which of these three would you recommend? Or is there another that I've missed? Finally, we might consider one of the other boroughs if the restaurant is easily accesssible by public transportation.

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            W&L and Abigael's are good. Skip Talia's. I've never had a good experience there.

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              Go to Pardes. The 2 and 3 trains run express most of the way, 40 minutes form Columbus Circle to the restaurant. The short walk is in a safe neighborhood. You can get a great steak at La Marais. But Pardes has the most creative and mouth-watering chef in any kosher restaurant I have eaten in - I haven't been everywhere, man, but I've eaten in kosher retaurants in a lot of cities in the last couple of years.

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                Wolf and Lamb is my favorite of those three. You have the choice of some pretty great steaks as well as sandwiches/burgers that are more moderately priced, and some specials that are interesting (I recently had a great veal burger with a poached egg and apple/fennel slaw). I like the ambiance there better than Abigail's, and Talia's is, um, to be polite, a bit hit or miss when it comes to food and service.