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Best mole in Manhattan?

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Hi, I'd love to get some recommendations for great Mexican mole in Manhattan, hoping to bring some visiting European relatives.

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  1. Only mole dish I've had in Manhattan was at Toloache. It was undoubtedly an absolutely mediocre dish.

    I think if you want great mole you might have better luck in Queens or Brooklyn.

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      Yes, outer boroughs- visitors i have taken for ethnic food in brooklyn/queens/etc often end up enjoying the (very cheap) meal more any other (much more expensive) meal of their trip

    2. Avoid Mexicana Mama, their mole and everything else I tried there is pretty awful.

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        I think the Mole at Mexicana Mama is excellent.

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          I've only had it there once, but I can't say that anything I ate there makes me want to go back. Have you tried Mexican food in Queens?

      2. El Parador on E 34 has excellent mole I.M.H.O..

        1. Noche Mexicana, a small hole-in-the-wall place on 101st and Amsterdam makes a good mole, but only at dinner. My opinions on this one confirmed by several visiting students from Mexico City whom I took there for a homesickness cure and who were well pleased.

          1. I love the mole at ... Mole. I've been to the LES and WV locations and it was delicious at both.

            1. Cafe El Portal's is always solid. And the chef is a 70-year-old Mexican grandmother, so, y'know, that earns it extra points.