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Nov 25, 2013 05:45 PM

Hockey team brunch

Son's Junior varsity Hockey team coming for dinner tomorrow night. Have lasagna, bread and Caesar salad all ready. But they will be waking up Wednesday morning and hungry again. Aside from the fact that I don't want to grocery shop tomorrow with the TG crowds, what can I make for easy and filling breakfast?

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  1. A strats is perfect. You can mix it up the night before and bake in the morning. Something like this:

    1. Breakfast burritos are good for hungry boys, scrambled eggs, refried beans/whatever beans, cheese, chopped veggies, potatoes, really whatever you have on hand can go in them.
      You can just set pass out the hot tortillas and let them DYI from various toppings.

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        I love this idea. SO plays on a lot of sports teams and hungry athletes gobble up breakfast buritos.

      2. When my high school hockey team (Hamden, CT) traveled overnight to play the Plebes at West Point, our breakfast there was pancakes and milk.
        We lost. The West Point rink is one of the longest in the country, and by the third period they wore us out. We brought wreaths for the graves of Grissom, Chafee, and White.

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        1. re: Veggo

          It also helps that the Cadets are more fit then your average college student.

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            Hamden High hockey enjoyed the privilege of being the only high school to play the Plebes every year, the first public school to have it's own rink, represented the US for a tournament in Sweden, and produced a few Olympic players. Only cost me one tooth and a bad knee.
            But you are exactly right, the Plebes were incredibly well conditioned for 3 20 minute stop-start periods.

        2. Are they going to play in the morning after breakfast? I asked my hockey playing SO what he would have liked to eat when that age before a game, and he said "nothing". Even now he doesn't eat before he plays, neither do most of the guys he plays with.

          If they're not playing, I think the breakfast burrito idea is a good one. They can build their own. Could also do a coffee cake with scrambled eggs. If you have bacon, do that too, you can do it in the oven to save time and mess.

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          1. re: juliejulez

            That's how I was at golf tournaments important to me. Nothing before.

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              Good point, didn't think to ask if they were playing afterwards? SO and I are big sports fan/players, SO more actively than me but I know I never ate before matches.

            2. Thanks all
              No game Wednesday
              Will do bacon in the over and an egg casserole and coffee cake. THX