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Nov 25, 2013 05:23 PM

Bix [San Francisco]

We just made a reservation for tomorrow evening. We've never been there but from what I have read it seems like a place we would enjoy. Just the idea of beef tartare prepared tableside makes me want to go. My question is: is it worth it? We don't need alternative suggestions; I just want to hear the good or the bad from those who have been recently. Also, is it possible to sit at the bar and eat? Thanks.

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  1. The tartare is SO worth it. However, the table side preparation only occurs at the tables. I will often just sit at the bar and when I order the tartare there, it will come out on toasts.

    Other dishes worth ordering include the potato puffs and hamburger. I used to also recommend the foie, but that was before it was banned...

    1. We were at Bix recently and disappointed in our meal; however, we didn't have the tartare. Four of us ordered the chicken hash, 2 lobster spaghetti, and the dorade along with several appetizers. Generally felt food was mediocre and overpriced ($30+ entrees). Apps were okay but again expensive for what they were.

      Bananas foster for dessert & stellar service were the highlights of the evening.

      Also, the restaurant was extremely loud and the bar was about 2 to 3 people deep on a Friday night. Not a "special occasion" a place as I had expected.

      1. if you opt for a table try to get seated upstairs on the mezzanine. it really is a great room if a bit loud, but I've been to louder.

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          Concur - Bix's bar on a Friday night is NOT special. It is the mezzanine that makes is better, but it can still be loud.

        2. Thanks to all. I think we're going to nix Bix tonight as we had a lovely, filling meal at Locanda last night and will probably just do a lighter meal tonight. Plus, I'm not really into loud scene while eating. Thanks again.

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            aww c'mon it's Tuesday, even SF doesn't get all that silly jumping (except for the live music and dance clubs and that's later)