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Nov 25, 2013 03:52 PM

Good Food Near East Hanover/Livingston?

Hi Everyone!
Is there any good food in the above mentioned area? Doesn't seem like it!!! Everything that use to be alright (Godfather's on Rt. 10, Nana's Deli) isn't so great anymore (at least imho) We're looking for simple places for lunch/dinner. Open to all cuisines except fast food/chain restaurants and we have two pizza places, so probably don't need recommendations for that... Prices under $15 per entree (yes I know that can be tough).

Any ideas?


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  1. Il Ripasso is an Italian restaurant near Shop Rite that we find above average and friendly.

    Coco Bello is Italian, above average food, but quite loud.

    Our new fave is Summit Thai on Rt. 10 in East Hanover.

    Livingston is a culinary disappointment, speaking as a native son. Go to Montclair or NYC if you want a good meal.

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    1. re: scarlet knight

      Thank you - yes it is a total disappointment...sorry you feel the same.
      Will try the Thai and will take a look at Coco Bello's menu. I actually found Il Ripasso to be awful, but we went on a holiday which probably didn't help-

      1. re: scarlet knight

        Just ate in Summit Thai tonight and it was very good.

        1. re: bropaul

          Finally got there. Really good - very surprised for a strip mall - for some reason wasn't expecting anything amazing. But delicious!

          1. re: YllowMstrd

            Whew! I am always glad when a place I recommend get a favorable review. Must get there again soon.

      2. Go to the Landmark...basic burgers and pizza and a place frozen in time. What year, I'm not sure.

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        1. re: coldbeer

          Lol yes, very basic but I had forgotten about them...

        2. Tomo Sushi reopened in East Hanover - right by movie theater on Rt. 10. I haven't been, but loved in previous location in Little Falls.

          Chef Jon in Whippany

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          1. re: harrison

            Good suggestions but do they fit the budget?

            1. re: Curlz

              That is a concern - the Thai and Landmark do- Tomo maybe just over the budget? Will take a look at the sites for the other places as well-

            2. re: harrison

              Really? And it's good...hmm...hard to imagine but willing to try...

              Never heard of Chef Jon - will take a look

              1. re: harrison

                1+ on the Chef Jon recommendation. You should note that this is not the place for your typical Americanized Chinese food. This place specializes in Shanghai cuisine, and it is best to stick with those items on the menu. Their Americanized classics are not that great, the Shanghai items are top notch though. Entrees range from $10.95 to 16.95, with a few specialty items running higher. IIRC the most expensive item on their menu was a $25.95 whole sea bass that easily feeds several.

                1. re: harrison

                  We had lunch at Tomo Cuisine last week. The miso soup and salads were great. We are sushi newbies, so ordering was haphazard. My wife chose 5 sushi specials from the specials board. The presentation was bare. I had chirashi, which was pretty good. My wife then had Nabeyaki Udon, which was very good.

                  Service was attentive and the bill was reasonable.

                  If we lived nearby, we would go there again and get to know the menu better.

                  1. re: Anonimo

                    Yes we've tried Tomo a few times. Bare bones, but all the times we went the fish was exceptional. Better than Masa in Allendale which was our go-to for a very long time.

                2. We thought Il Ripasso was pretty good. There is another restaurant nearby called Il Vicolo, which we have not enjoyed. I confuse them, but Ripasso wins IMO. Give Ripasso another chance on a normal night and let me know what you think of Summit Thai.

                  We like the food, atmosphere, staff and price point.

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                  1. re: scarlet knight

                    Yes I've tried both. Vicolo definitely worse. We'll try Ripasso again based on your rec...will let you know as far as Summit Thai - probably try this weekend- Thanks!

                  2. Check out Sweet Basil's Cafe in Livingston.

                    They also do an excellent brunch menu.