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Nov 25, 2013 03:48 PM

Late Night Decent Eats in Center City

Hi All,

Looking for late weeknight eats in Center City...not looking for gourmet cuisine, but not puppy chow either. Have not had great experiences so hoping someone can help. Looking for something that's tasty and could easily be taken out. No fast-food.

Any ideas?


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  1. Jade Harbor at 11th & Race. Open every night until 3 am and most everything is delicious. Also, they do everything from General Tso's & egg rolls to Shark's Fin soup with Abalone. So you can satisfy the more and the less adventurous Chinese food eater.

    1. Good Dog serves late - but I cant seem to find their "food" hours on their web site

        1. Thanks - Jade Harbor sounds like just what I'm looking for, and I'll check out Good Dog.

          By late meaning after 10ish

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            Tria is really great and is supposedly open until 1 AM during the week.
            Dandelion and Zavino are open until 11.
            Varga Bar is decent and open until 2 (they stop serving food at 1) and PA6 is also open until 2.
            You could also search "late night eats" on yelp! and they list out a number of options.

            1. re: YllowMstrd

              A bunch of places in Chinatown are open late most nights. I've tried most of them, and Jade Harbor is consistently the best of the late night places. However, part of the fun of Chinatown is just looking around until something catches your eye.

            2. Don't know if it counts as fast food to you but Underdogs has good hot dogs and great fries. Open Til midnight during the week and 4am Thursday and weekend.