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Nov 25, 2013 03:46 PM

New Orleans Restaurant choice

My husband & I and 4 friends will be in N.O. in December, and we're trying to decide on a restaurant for one of our three nights there. We already have reservations at Bayona & Herbsaint. Any suggestions? Since my husband is a winemaker, it would be great if there was a good wine list, too. Thanks!

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  1. Check out Clancy's online menu and extensive wine list.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! This is the first time I've posted on here (actually, on any message board, come to think of it). I wasn't sure anyone would reply. Wow...that is quite a wine list! The menu looked really good, too. I was actually hoping to stay a little closer to the French Quarter, though, since that's where we'll be staying. Since there are 6 of us, it would nice to be able to walk instead of taking a cab.

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        You shouldn’t spend all your time in the Quarter. Clancy’s is a cab ride away or call Big Easy Limo, Livery Limo or Celebrity Limo and do the night in style. Limos for $100/hr including tip is pretty reasonable for six people to split. Then you can check out some of the music clubs Uptown before heading to Frenchmen Street. Ditch the limo there and then walk back to your hotel.

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          Thanks for the suggestion....we'll definitely consider doing that. Any thoughts about a restaurant in the Quarter, though, in case I can't the group on board for that? (The only problem with traveling with other people...even though I like them!)

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            It has taken some time to recover from Katrina which destroyed wine cellars. Things are better than they were four or five years ago. Any of the Name Restaurants in the Quarter will have serviceable-to-very good wine lists. As we know, such lists are an ongoing project(Brad at Clancy's certainly knows what he is doing and has known for years), Antoine's had to start over from scratch and their list was looking fine if not as spectacular as it used to be,. Revolution had some great stuff when it started---breakout offerings are always designed to impress. The guys who sell to Emeril,ANtoine's, Galatoire's etc generally speaking know their stuff and it is just then a matter of the wine guy at each joint deciding what he wants to feature and also knowing old Doctor Fudge ALWAYS drinks at least a case of a flinty graves during oyster season.

            If you want to dress and relax for several hours then go to Galtoire's. If you are on a shorter leash then Revolution is fine...but Galaltoire's will give you a more authentic New Orleans experience. (Bayona is somewhat similar but not as settled).

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          How is their wine list holding up? Last time I went it was with a vendor and we had a delightful red that I cannot recall. I know they had several uncommon items but have not kept up with the offerings there since I do not go there regularly.

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            It's probably been a year since I've been, but has usually been pretty reliable.

            Emeril's has a pretty strong wine list as well.

            1. re: BayouTeche

              That is certainly true about Emeril. About the ONLY time I get there is with a wine guy friend who sells to him (well, who doesn't?)

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            I would give a +1 for Restaurant August.

            It has been just over a year, but I managed to turn some friends onto a couple of lovely French wines - a Montrachet and a Nuit-St. George. I found the list to be well thought out, featuring wines to pair with the foods, and reasonably priced - especially for a destination city and a fine-dining restaurant.


          3. I believe the Commander's Palace has the largest wine cellar in the city. I'll leave the quality of it to others, but it's the biggest.

            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions, everybody! I'm going to run them by the rest of the group and see if we can get a consensus. We were actually thinking of going to Commander's Palace for lunch one day...we can check out the wine list then.