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I love juicy fried chicken...bring my own jar of honey to dip it in (restos give you these miniscule packets and I love to slather my chicken in honey). So hard to find a place that offers really good fried chicken in the basket. (please no fast food chains or Colonial Sanders Kentucky fried crap).

I thought I got lucky and found a place called Cabana Poulet at 5343 Queen Mary Rd in Snowdon. It was a bakery and the BBQ chicken was awful, but the fried chicken was the best I ever ate (crispy on the outside/juicy on the inside and unbelievably cheap...6 nice pieces for $8.49). Too good to be true? You bet'cha. Ate there twice and the third time I went...their doors were closed with a sign stating there was a problem with the heating. Two weeks later...still not open.

So now I have a constant craving for great fried chicken and I will pay any reasonable price. The closer to Queen Mary Rd/Decarie...the better, but I'm willing to drive up to 20 km if the chicken is good enough.

Any help would be appreciated.

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      I agree with J_do, Dinette Triple Crown is the best I can find in town. I usually get the Big Nasty, which is a fried chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy on a homemade biscuit.

      1. re: causeimhungry

        Do they have pieces of fried chicken that I can dip in honey?
        Where are they located?

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          Yes you can buy pieces a la carte or what they call "meat and threes" which is 2 or 3 pieces that come with three sides.

          As someone who loves to dip my fried chicken in honey, I would rate this place top of the list.

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          I tried Poulet Bronze last night. Their fried chicken was good but nowhere close to Dinette Triple Crown. Grading scale out of 10 would be 9.5 for DTP and 7.5 for Poulet Bronze.

          I ate at DTP twice already. I'll be eating there often. Poulet Bronze is open until 2 AM which gives me a place to go whenever I get a craving for fried chicken late at night.

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          According to what I've been reading online...a lot of people seem to agree with you. Looks yummy....I'll be heading over to DTC tomorrow with my jar of honey in tow. I will give a report. Thanks.

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            FYI they are closed on Wednesdays, open till 9 every other night of the week.

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            DTC is good but quite expensive. In terms of taste, it might be more suited for those looking for a less seasoned/salty breading. They got some nice sides, but if all you want is good chicken, I'd head to Poulet Bronze.
            They don't have honey but they have garlic sauce. And they probably have the best battered fries in town. Also I'd avoid the "grilled/BBQ/roasted chicken there too.

            Is this Cabana Poulet place new? When did you last get there when it was open? I really have to try it myself. DTC is more for BBQ and more specialish outings. Poulet BRonze is closer to where I am, but still not exactly on the way most of the time. I'm starting to get tired of mediocre KFC even during Tuesday specials

            edit: just checked this http://i.imgur.com/GFLZ1IS.jpg?1
            wow those are great prices. Can the quality really be good? I don't think there are any chicken places in montreal that offer deals as great as those, especially when it comes to buying in bulk

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              I couldn't believe how low those prices were when I took my daughter there the first time which was about three weeks ago. She had the barbeque and I had 6 pieces of fried chicken. She didn't like hers but mine was absolutely terrific. I went back the following week (two weeks ago) and requested some breast pieces which were included and it was even better.

              Went back 10 days ago and they were closed with a sign telling me there was a heating problem. After 10 days...still closed. There was a number of the alarm company which I called today and they told me they didn't renew. Sadly, I think they are closed for good.

              Staff seemed flaky...one woman who prepared the food, answered the phone, took the orders and payment...there were not many people eating. If they promoted this place properly as a fried chicken joint...they would do well.

              If they reopen...I will post here and you can try it.

              I am into just the chicken...no sides. I will check out Poulet Bronze as well as DTC. I bring my own honey...a big jar costs $2.99 and I don't have to play tug of war with the owner because I love coating my chicken in honey and use a lot.

              1. re: MISTER_C

                What place are you mentioning MisterC

                1. re: ZEEDAN

                  Check top. It's Cabana Poulet 5343 Queen Mary Rd(Snowdon). Apparently now closed for good.

          3. Definitely not southern, but Imadake's Karaage is real good!

              1. You sounds like Winnie the Pooh with your honey jar.

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                  What can I say? I love dipping fried chicken in honey. Restos give you these lousy little packets and I need about 20 of them to coat my chicken the way I like it and who has the time to open up all those packets and scrape the honey out. Some of these places try limiting me to 3 or 4 packets and charging me as much for honey as I'm paying for chicken...so I bring my own jar.

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                      I had problems with my teeth all my life until three years ago when I got implants and crowns...every tooth done. Now I get my teeth cleaned and checked every six months and no more cavities or problems and I can eat whatever I want.

                2. One more vote for DTC, so good and such nice staff.

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                  1. re: JerkPork

                    One more vote for PouletBronzé....

                    1. re: JohnnyGe

                      I am really pleased. I have two very promising places to try...DTC and Poulet Bronze and judging from the response here I expect that I will like both of them. Poulet Bronze is the plan for tomorrow night and DTC next week. I will post my findings here.

                      It's a shame Cabana Poulet couldn't make a go of it. The fried chicken was truly amazing and who could beat $8.49 for 6 nice sized pieces. It's right in my hood too...if they ever open their doors again, I will post here.

                  2. Another option is Icehouse. I believe the fried chicken is one of their standard menu items. And +1 for DTC - they even do Nashville style "hot" chicken from time to time.

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                      I went to Dinette Triple Crown and here is my review that I just posted on Urbanspoon.....

                      Dinette Triple Crown
                      Likes it
                      BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN TOWN
                      by Robert C – 108 reviews

                      Great fried chicken joints are hard to find in Montreal despite this city's reputation for being one of the best restaurant cities in the world.

                      The fried chicken joint I used to eat at closed their doors and I had to find a new fix for my craving for great fried chicken. Had no luck until I started a thread on Chow Hound inquiring about where I could find truly outstanding fried chicken and everybody recommended Dinette Triple Crown.

                      Ate there tonight. WOW!!!! This place is definitely a keeper. I went for the gusto and ordered 5 pieces ($11) and told them that I would appreciate getting some breasts. I got three breasts and a thigh and a drumstick and it was so tender, so tasty and a truly wonderful meal for only $11. Service was very friendly and I cannot recommend this little gem of a restaurant highly enough.

                      Thank you for recommending this great place and I will be trying Poulet Bronze next week.

                      1. re: jptimbaud

                        Which is in what area of the city? Thanks.

                      2. While I am not a fried chicken afficionado you might like to try a diner called Le Gros Jambon in the Old Port.

                        In particular they make their version of the southern favorite "fried chicken and waffles" with bourbon syrup for their brunch and you might like it!

                        1. Prohibition, 5674 Monkland

                          1. Could someone tell me what "fried chicken in the basket" as opposed to generic "fried chicken" means?

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                            1. re: lagatta

                              The way it is served. It is not on a plate.

                              1. re: lagatta

                                I have a feeling C won`t care if it's served on a plate or a basket as long as it's good. Isn't the 2 piece at DTC served on a plate anyways if you eat in?

                                1. re: Ghostquatre

                                  I'd think so. I've only had it to go, to eat in the park.

                                  I also remember good fried chicken legs at Marché Oriental (St-Denis just south of Jean-Talon), but I don't think they make them any more.

                                  1. re: Ghostquatre

                                    DTC is outstanding!!!!!! I didn't bother with the sides, went for five delicious pieces ($11 which is a great deal) and will be a regular customer every week. I told them I liked breasts and I got three pieces of breast and a thigh and a drumstick which particularly pleased me. Oh my...it tasted sooooo good!!!!!

                                    I will be trying Poulet Bronze next.

                                    Called Prohibition on Monkland which is very close to me and will try them too...although they are expensive ($19 for their fried chicken dinner, only three pieces plus frills although the guy I spoke to told me he would give me five pieces for the same price with no frills...it better be great at that price)

                                    I don't care if it's on a plate or a basket...all that counts is the taste!!!

                                    1. re: MISTER_C

                                      If you're ever in the mood for some fried chicken at brunch, Prohibition has an amazing maple challah French toast with fried chicken combo as part of their weekend brunch. It's SO good.

                                      Glad you're finding some good fried-chicken places!

                                      1. re: kpzoo

                                        Yes, Kpzoo....posting here inquiring about fried chicken is something I should have done ages ago.

                                        People here seem to know what they are talking about.

                                        I did the same thing in my quest for good cheese blintzes and have gotten some very promising leads there as well.

                                        This is a very useful web site.

                                        1. re: kpzoo

                                          I'll have to finally try Prohibition for this one... Relatedly, the best fried chicken I've had in a long, long while was atop waffles at the Drake in TO and I've been craving it since.