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Jul 28, 2005 11:00 PM

Funky Fun Restaurant in Dallas, Addison, Plano?

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I am looking for a "funky, fun, eclectic" restaurant to visit. Something different with great atmosphere...any suggestions?

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  1. s

    Well, there are a number of those. What is your price range?

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    1. re: simply_victoria

      Well, the first place that came to mind in Addison is Sambuca. But really there are so many when you add in Dallas. Victoria is right...we need more info!

      1. re: simply_victoria

        We ended up at Dragon Fly...

        any other places you guys can think of? We have a group that gets together once a month of "colorful divas" and we are always looking for something fun...I sill have checks in my checkbook, so price isn't as issue! (smiles)

      2. j
        Josh (in Dallas)

        Try Cosmic Cafe on Oaklawn.

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        1. re: Josh (in Dallas)

          Might be a little funkier and more eclectic than what BlueDiva had in mind, don't you think, Josh? The couple of times I have been to Cosmic Cafe, I've been struck by how many of my fellow diners appear to have been recently granted 30-day visas to Earth.

        2. That is, if you're looking for burger & grill fare. The construction and themed rooms are unique.