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Nov 25, 2013 01:41 PM

Quiet Italian near Jade Hotel (13th and sixth ave)

We are coming down from Vt for an event at the James Beard House, the next night we want a low-key dinner, either Italian or American, any price range.

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  1. Da Andrea is right at your location and is quiet , low key , and good. Il Cantinori is another choice a few blocks further away.

    1. Barbuto in the w village isn't far, it will be busy on thurs-sat prime time, not sure day of the week you're visiting. Going earlier (6-8pm) would be more quiet:

      Perry st is a jean gorges place not too far, either a 10-15min walk or a five min cab, will be quiet. I hesistate to call it american, but the menu is on their site here:

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        I've heard really good things about Perry St. from friends who have gone there. I've had some good meals at Po, which at one time was a Batali place.

      2. You'll be near Crispo, which I think is leagues better than Da Andrea, but I wouldn't call it quiet. The front room of the garden is probably the least noisy area of the restaurant.

        On a separate note, could you be interested in arranging a trade? Anything you want for an equal value of Heady Topper!

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          I too like Crispo. They have good pastas and good fish dishes. It is a very busy and definitely not quiet place. I don't think their food is better than Da Andrea. The cuisine is just totally different.

        2. Da Andrea is pretty much an annual for us. I'v had some clunkers over the years but for the most part I love what they dish out. Its also my go to place for groups and out of towners, and by that I mean Staten Islanders ;)

          I've been to Po as well. Pre and post Batali and I didnt notice much of a difference since Batali left. I dont think he was involved much anyway. I do prefer Da Andrea

          1. Nevermind these people. The place you're looking for is called Gradisca.

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            1. re: Lamericano

              Second that rec. Gradisca is excellent and, for whatever reason, kind of flies under the radar.

              Would also second Il Cantinori and Po (my favorite Italian in the city).

              I Sodi is also one of my favorites and not too far from there. And I guess Il Mulino if you could get a reservation? Although that would be a lot of food for the day after a JBF dinner...