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Nov 25, 2013 01:12 PM

Can you critique my London list please?

i visit london every year or two to see friends. i happen to be visiting later this week and planned a few reservations with short notice. i was hoping you all would be kind enough to comment and suggest changes. for the record, i live in nyc.

sat: lunch at brockley market...dinner at casse croute in borough.
sun: no plans for lunch...dinner at bull and last (never been) or maybe anchor and hope but ive been there maybe 5x already.
mon: not sure about lunch...probably somewhere in soho or covent garden. dinner at moro
thur dinner: honey and co.
friday: lunch at rochelle canteen, dinner somewhere near camden (after a concert).

is honey and co a good idea for dinner or lunch mainly? can you recommend a place that serves dinner after 2200 on friday near camden? i have a concert than ends around then.

thanks in advance.

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  1. I never go to London without visiting Food For Thought on Shaftsbury Ave.

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      It's on Neal Street, and it's vegetarian and kind of a niche place (I hate it and would never eat there again ever, but hey, healthy food in a hippydippy setting works for some).

      1. re: brokentelephone

        ive taken to hippie dippie food as ive gotten older. i think ive passed by this place enough for me to drop in for a quick meal.

    2. Sat - Personally I have never been to Brockley Mkt so can't comment but is there any reason in particular why you have chosen to go there rather than one of the more central markets?

      Casse Croute is good for low key traditional French - you could maybe combine with a snack at Jose across the road for some tapas and a drink which is really good fun.

      Sunday - Depending on your plans for the day maybe you could do a Sunday Lunch at the B&L rather than dinner? It's definitely worth a visit and you could combine with a walk across Hampstead Heath from Hampstead Village. I love A&H but if youve been there plenty then good to branch out. In a similar vein, the Harwood Arms in Fulham is my favourite posh-pub. Slightly more refined than B&L.

      Monday - So many choices in Soho/CG - is there a particular food type you wanted to try? Koya do very good Udon noodles or Bone Daddies is my favourite for Ramen though maybe not a priority for you being from NYC.

      Thurs - I haven't been to Honey & Co so will leave someone else to comment

      Friday - Market on Parkway is pretty good or Made in Camden in the Roundhouse also a good option. I'm not sure if they will be open that late though and I'd say most gigs around there finish more like 10 30/11 than 10. Perhaps food before the gig and then drinks after would be easier?

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      1. re: mjgauer

        market in camden looks great...thanks very much for that. i figure my concert ends around 930-10pm or so...should be fine.

        i went to koya back in 2010...didnt love it. i remember my miso noodles were ridiculously salty. we also get some great japanese noodles here in nyc.

        i also heard about jose...will stop by as well.

      2. Camden -- either Japanese (Asakusa or something near mornington cresent) or for inexpensive but good modern british I'd try Market. I actually really really like that place but am never in Camden so only go infrequently.

        1. just a quick few notes on my trip:

          -had lunch at st john bread and wine. as much as i dont like st john proper, i like bread and wine. had a nice waitress, had some smoked sprats, a terrine and a pretty fatty but tasty pieced of pork with a little salad. simple and solid.

          -dinner at casse croute. not a fan. very small place, very small menu. this is not a destination. i wouldnt even say its good for the neighborhood. everything was merely ok. had some forgettable duck dish and the highlight was dessert. wouldnt go back.

          -dinner at moro. i liked moro overall. packed on a monday night. everything was tasty but nothing outstanding. dessert was amazing...sherry trifle and malaga rum raisin ice cream. nice service.

          -honey and co. really liked this place. friendly staff, small place, good vibe, great food. everything i had was delicious...particularly my rabbit entree. their cold cheese cake was one of the best desserts ive had in awhile.

          -rochelle canteen for lunch. possibly my favorite meal in london. jerusalem artichoke salad was so good, im angry i cant eat it in nyc. filet of beef also delicious. great place for lunch with friends.

          -brindisa for a late dinner. couldnt find much else open and was near borough so went here. everything was good. a bit overpriced but you could do worse at 11pm.

          overall, was pleased but not thrilled with my london eating this time around. didnt get to go to my favorite gastropubs but found some new favorites.

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          1. re: sam1

            Why don't you like St John proper? Just curious. We had a lovely lunch in the bar area there recently.

            1. re: kukubura

              i went in 2007...found it to be horribly overpriced, the service was flat out rude, and i felt like the food quality did not justify the price whatsoever.

              bread and wine just works at that price point and ive had better service there.

              but i think id avoid both and just go to rochelle canteen instead. i absolutely loved the food there.