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Nov 25, 2013 01:08 PM

Need "new" places for lunch

We will be in Portland over the holidays and staying in the city, Because of the holidays our dinners are limited. Are ether any new places- open in the a last year that we can try for lunch. We have a car so going far afield is not problem.
We have been to Olympic provisions, Tasty at Alder, Tasty and Sons to name a few from memory.

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  1. These have not all openend in the last year, but are just suggestions for lunch - just call and check to make sure they are open when you want to go ;o)

    Boke Bowl
    Meat Cheese Bread
    Laurelhurst Market
    Bollywood Theater
    Chiang Mai (my favorite Thai in town - the Kao Tod Nam Kook is like crack)
    Lardo (2 locations, East and West)
    Boxer Ramen
    Mi Mero Mole (lunch on Fri-Sat-Sun only)
    Nong's Khao Man Gai (a couple of carts and one brick & mortar in SE)

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      Wow! Thanks so much! We are from the SF Bay Area and love Asian. You have been most helpful. We shave also been to Lardo and Laurelhurst Market, but you have made lots of good suggestions. We also took your advice on St. Jack for dinner.

      1. re: zinfanatic

        Oh, and if you are craving pasta, I hear that the pasta place (also by Rick Gencarelli of Lardo, and next door to the downtown/west side Lardo) called Grassa is very good. I haven't made it there yet, though.

        Boke Bowl and Boxer Ramen menus are not necessarily traditional, though Chiang Mai's mostly is. And Nong pretty much just makes Khao Man Gai (the sauce on the side is amazing and she bottles it for sale) - very simple but delicious.

        Oh, and I should also suggest, if you are a fan of traditional Japanese bento, Chef Naoko Bento for lunch.

    2. Not a lunch spot but you said you like Asian. We went to Expatriate last Sunday and were blown away by the (pretty substantial) bar bites. Check out the menu...