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Nov 25, 2013 12:52 PM

Dok Bua - Am I ordering wrong?

Hi all,
Made my second visit to Dok Bua this past weekend and the food was solid but not great, which is what I keep expecting given the reviews on this place.
Had the papaya salad, country style red curry, dok bua noodle soup. Last time had the pad prik khing, miang kum. Miang kum was really interesting with nice strong flavors (the dish is new to me), but nothing else really stood out!

What do you order there and love, or am I barking up the wrong thai tree in Boston these days?

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  1. I certainly like Dok Bua, and it's in our rotation because we live in the neighborhood, but it certainly doesn't rock my world. It's solidly tasty and consistent for sure, and my kids love it, which is a plus.

    1. I like their duck larb and the catfish.

      1. The tree you want to bark up is about 1 mile north. S&I

        Dok Bua was a lot better ~10 years ago.

        1. I'd agree with Luther that S&I is where you can find better Thai. I tend to go to Dok Bua when I'm feeling cheap as their dinner special is a pretty good deal. I just get the typical dishes like pad kee mao, etc. which are ok, but good bang for the buck.

          1. "Solid" is a good descriptor for DB now that there are more Thai options around (such S&I or the specials at Thai North, which has added miang kum to their menu).

            DB is still on our rotation for comfort food like soft shell crab, roast duck fried rice, and tom ka gai. It's a good place to take folks who want something a notch up from pad thai or yellow curry.