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Nov 25, 2013 12:10 PM

Storing opened container of Greek Yogurt?

I have just revived my yogurt obsession of my youth and ideally would like to buy it in larger containers however I don't eat it daily so a large tub would last probably a week or 10 days. Can I just cover the top tightly with plastic? It's a cultured product so seems that it'd last a while similar to sour cream but just wanted to find out what others do to keep it fresh before I load up on bigger containers.

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  1. Just put the lid back on it and keep in the fridge. I've used plain yogurt 10-14 days after opening it. It may be a little more sour, but it's perfectly fine to eat,\.

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    1. At my store there is a negligible price difference between two of the 16oz size vs one of the 32oz size containers- so i buy several of the 16oz size at a time. After opening i usually just use the lid it comes with, but you could take plastic wrap and press down ontop touching the yogurt as well. Between eating as bfast/snacks and using for salad dressings or cooking i go thru it quickly but a week to ten days open would be expected life span

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        My tore only sells the 8 oz and 16 oz, I've never seen the 32 oz. The 8 oz don't even have a lid though I don't always even finish that much if I'm using it in a dish or dip for example and just wrap in plastic and try to use it quickly. Great, thanks. I'll definitely go through a 16 oz or I think it's actually 17.6 oz in 10 days.

      2. I buy the 36 oz Fage tubs at Costco, the expiration date is always at least 3+ weeks from the date of purchase.

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          that's a sell-by date, not an expiration date. entirely different.

        2. Like mayo and sour cream only dip into it with a clean utensil. Even though it is acidic if you plant some foreign matter it may start to grow.

          1. For ricotta cheese and sour cream I've found that putting the lid back on and storing upside down in the fridge basically doubles their shelf life. Never tried it with yogurt, but I'm guessing it would at least help.

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              Can't do that with the lids from greek yogurt- the lid isn't nearly as secure and they whey would drip out/all over the fridge. Maybe if transferred to a tupperware.
              I've never heard of this- sounds interesting!

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                I do it with ricotta, the lid is secure enough. Sour cream it didn't work, cleaning out the fridge the other day I discovered a tub of sour cream in a pool of liquid. It worked great with ricotta though so I'm sure it'll work well for yogurt too. I give it a good slap when I store it so the contents fall to the lid to seal it.

                1. re: fldhkybnva

                  I've only had one "leaker" - not sure, but it was probably sour cream.
                  Ever since, I put a small saucer underneath as a safety measure. Funny thing is, I haven't had any leaks since ...... not certain, but my current theory is that using the saucer just makes me double check that the lid is on well.