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Nov 25, 2013 11:44 AM

Serpico bar?

Anyone know if it is possible or what the odds might be for a solo diner to get a seat at the bar for just a cocktail and appetizer on a Monday night? Thanks

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  1. Probably good- It only has about 4 seats, but that works in your favor. People usually only sit there if their table isnt ready (in my experience), and Mondays are usually pretty quiet across the board.

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      Only 5 seats, and if you go early (for example, 6ish on a recent Thursday), it will probably be empty. Once the restaurant is packed by 8:30PM (again on a Thursday), it will be difficult. Can't say about Monday. And I'm not sure if they will serve appetizers at the bar. BTW, house cocktail list only has about 6 drinks on it, and there are not formal appetizers on the menu, but it does progress from smaller to larger as you move down the list.

    2. Was there last night Monday, bar remained open the entire time we were there, 7-9:30