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Nov 25, 2013 11:05 AM

Best Chinatown Restaurant for Big Holiday Group

I'm trying to get a big group of friends and family -- 15-20 people, including maybe some kids - to meet up for one big fun holiday dinner. I'm thinking Chinatown because it's fun and affordable and I'm guessing we can bring our own wine. Any suggestions where the table can indulge in peking duck, whole fish, noodles and dumplings?

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  1. Congee Village - minus the Peking Duck.

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    1. re: mitchleeny

      Call ahead about corkage charges, they do have a (poor overpriced) wine selection

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        Congee Village will do a quite decent Cantonese Peking Duck if you order in advance. I had a party last night. We had: garlic chicken, pork belly with pickled vegetables, scallops with XO, salt and pepper shrimp, snow pea leaves, eggplant tofu casserole, spareribs with bitter melon casserole, steamed paork with salt fish, steamed bass with scallions and ginger, chow he fun with beef. Big success all around. Ironically, I have never liked their congee.
        The wine is limited and about $6 a glass, $25a bottle. The lichee martinis are excellent.
        Service is not as good as used to be, but I have friends there, which of course helps.

        1. re: swannee

          Thanks! I'll look into Congee Village!

      2. I don't think you can get a decent Peking duck in Chinatown;, and I mean the authentic PD, not the Canto variety. So, I suggest you scratch that off. A whole fish is pretty standard.

        I suggest you inquire at Amazing 66: you might be offered a whole floor.

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          15-20 is probably about half the comfortable capacity of the lower (smaller) floor at Amazing 66.

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            I think the group understands NYC Chinatown is not the right pick for the best Peking Duck but the location and $ is a good fit for everyone. I'll look into Amazing 66. Thanks!

          2. A group of us went to Wo Hop for Thanksgiving lunch and had an incredible meal! Everything was so delicious and some old school dishes like egg foo young, snails w garlic sauce, pan fried flounder etc. DELICIOUS!!!! My favorite was crab w lobster sauce-so well done and savory!!!

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              Wo Hop....That is old school but that works as well. Thank you!

            2. I'd second Amazing 66, and also recommend Golden Unicorn

              1. Not to hijack your thread SJO but where can one get the best chinese food experience in Chinatown, period?