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Nov 25, 2013 09:15 AM

Napa Wine Itinerary

My husband and I are going to Napa next month-- we've been to Sonoma twice and look forward to to exploring a new part of wine country. We love bold, spicy reds and crisp whites, but we're very much wine neophiles. Anyone mind taking a look at the wineries we've picked out so far? We can't go to all of them, so if any of them are passable or must-visits, I'd love to hear so we can narrow down our list. Also, if there's an alternative (maybe a small, unique winery you love), please feel free to share. I'm hoping for a mix of established and smaller wineries. Thank you!

- V. Sattui
- Jarvis
- Hendry
- Kenzo Estate
- Domaine Carneros
- Stag's Leap
- Robert Sinskey
- Parduxx
- Plumpjack
- Pride Mountain

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  1. Skip V. Sattui it is a zoo and tourist trap (though in December less so).

    Otherwise I think that's a good, well rounded list. You're not going to encounter a lot of whites, so you may want to add something like Chateau Montelena.

    Those wineries listed are far apart from each other, so make sure you map it out in advance. Call to make appointments asap.

    Please report back!

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      Thank you so much! I think with the chilly weather, we'll be favoring reds anyway :) Also, I had no idea these places required a reservation-- I'll get on that!

    2. I agree with goldangl, skip sattui....
      Keep in mind that the drive up to pride is a bit of a haul (about 20 or more minutes up spring mountain road from st. helena), but worth it. If you're going to be going to stag's leap, pine ridge is across the road and clos du val is just about 1/2 mile further south.
      I've stopped going to plumpjack ever since the staff at the tasting room have gotten too snotty to bear.