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Nov 25, 2013 09:05 AM

Avocado Sushi at Uchiko

The wife and I love the avocado sushi at Uchiko and being avid home cooks, we were hoping to replicate this at home. It's fairly straightforward, with the rice topped with avocado slices, wrapped in a thin band of nori.

What has us perplexed is what they brush on the avocado. Soy? Fish sauce? Combo? Seems like both, but also seems like neither.

There is also a small bit of pseudo lime zest on top, but more complex than straight lime zest. Alone, that bit finishes with a bit of heat.

Any advice would be helpful.

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  1. I've never had the avocado sushi, but they put fish caramel on a few of their items (just a guess what it might be).

    Pretty straightforward to make.

    1. Ok, i thought about this a bit.

      The lime (but not lime) zest is surely yuzu. The preparation is probably yuzu kosho.

      Asahi imports should carry it but it is easy to make (and much better).

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      1. re: WesTexas

        YES! Thanks for the tip. Looking at pictures on the web, that's exactly the stuff on top. Will experiment further and report back. Thanks!


        1. re: WesTexas

          Yes, its yuzu kosho and tamari. This is my favorite piece of sushi at Uchiko. I have bought the yuzu kosho at Asahi, but I have also noticed that the yuzu kosho at Uchi/Uchiko is not fermented like the traditional yuzu kosho. They make it fresh and don't ferment it. Also, tamari on it's own is a little too watery. I have had great results with letting a small saucepan of tamari simmer and reduce down by about 1/3 to almos 1/2. That makes it just a little thicker and allows it to "stick" without rolling off and dripping off the side.

          1. re: Homero

            Beautiful, thanks for the advice! Glad my wife and I are not the only ones to obsess over that piece of sushi. Divine!

        2. it is brushed with yuzo and white can find both at central market