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Nov 25, 2013 08:24 AM

Favorite bread for Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches?

What's your favorite bread for post-Thanksgiving sandwiches? I love a good hearty, sturdy wheat or grain bread, also a slider sandwich on a leftover roll.

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  1. Last year someone made me an open-faced turkey sandwich with banana-nut bread. No gravy, but topped with a nice dollop of fresh, homemade cranberry-apple sauce.

    It was the perfect Friday morning brunch. Sweet, savory and perfectly Autumn-like.

    1. love me some marble rye

      1. Big Marty's potato rolls. Lightly toasted. Add your choice of butter, mayo, or mustard.

        1. Leftover rolls are good...otherwise just plain white bread.

          1. Seeded rye and nothing else for me.

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