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Favorite bread for Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches?

What's your favorite bread for post-Thanksgiving sandwiches? I love a good hearty, sturdy wheat or grain bread, also a slider sandwich on a leftover roll.

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  1. Last year someone made me an open-faced turkey sandwich with banana-nut bread. No gravy, but topped with a nice dollop of fresh, homemade cranberry-apple sauce.

    It was the perfect Friday morning brunch. Sweet, savory and perfectly Autumn-like.

    1. love me some marble rye

      1. Big Marty's potato rolls. Lightly toasted. Add your choice of butter, mayo, or mustard.


        1. Leftover rolls are good...otherwise just plain white bread.

          1. Seeded rye and nothing else for me.

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                Funny. I always think of rye as perfect for pastrami, ham, or corned beef. Turkey? It just seems not to fit. Turkey is a less strongly flavored and the rye (to my taste) would tend to overwhelm it.

                Obviously it's not a right or wrong issue. You like rye? Go ahead and have it.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Ditto. Rye is for corned beef/pastrami. Challah is perfect for turkey.

                  1. re: ferret

                    Our tastebuds are in agreement; I like rye for corned beef, pastrami, or even kosher rare roast beef. For turkey, I like toasted challah or if not available, toasted white bread.

              2. Sara Lee buttercrust. The best for a leftover turkey sandwich.

                1. Leftover rolls, then white toast once the rolls run out. Last year, I had some pretzel rolls that made delicious turkey sandwiches.

                  1. My mom makes these chubby pumpkin buns that are close to the texture of potato buns with a heavy sprinkle of salted pumpkin seeds ontop. Delicious alone, better as leftovers sandwich.

                      1. I like Italian. With Hellman's spread thinly coast to coast, crisp iceberg lettuce and some black pepper. Perfecto!

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                          Yum, me too, but no mayo! I like mine with BBQ sauce the next day.

                          Mom always gave us sliders on King's Hawaiian rolls. Lightly sweet bread + leftover turkey is delicious! And since they're so small, you can eat two. Or, you know, several.

                        2. Dark Russian rye bread. Sometimes lightly toasted before assembly.

                          1. I like Oatmeal bread; something about the slightly sweet denseness, which, spread with Miracle Whip and topped with a spoonful of stuffing makes the perfect after T'day sammich. Hey, keep your dislike of my favorite sandwich spread to yourselves....

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                              I would happily eat one of those sammiches with you.

                            2. The leftover rolls with turkey and mayo were my favorite as a kid. Little sandwiches for little kids. I still enjoy it.

                              1. My mother's yeast knot rolls (the same ones we had for Thanksgiving dinner) sliced in half, toasted and then made into a turkey sandwich. Heaven!

                                1. Hard rolls, poppy seeds, optional.

                                  1. I just picked up stuffing bread (bread seasoned like stuffing with chunks of celery and onion) and am looking forward to trying it out for sandwiches. It's by Great Harvest Bread if any have a store nearby and every want to give it a try.

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                                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                                      Tell me how it is. I think it sounds great.

                                      1. re: suzigirl

                                        I already tasted in store and it's delicious! As you know I have a low carb saturation level and I never finish big chunks of bread samples but I kept nibbling at this one because it was just so good, like eating stuffing. It's a bit dense, but I've read many of their breads are that way but boy does it taste like stuffing. I'll let you know how sandwiches go. For a girl who never has bread at home, I now have 4 loaves of various breads so there will be many a sammich.

                                        1. re: fldhkybnva

                                          I may order it next year. I love leftover sandwiches and the idea of a bread flavored like stuffing has me twitching. It just sounds perfect for a turkey sandwich.

                                          1. re: suzigirl

                                            I toasted up the stuffing bread this morning to sandwich scrambled eggs with leftover turkey. It's pretty good, the flavor wasn't as strong once toasted and remind me of really good wheat bread with a hint of stuffing flavor, but my taste buds are a little off these days. It was good and I'll definitely be eating more before I return to low carb land.

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                                              It sounds good. I will give it a try.

                                    2. Seeded challah, sourdough, any best-quality dense white loaf. I want a nice neutral background for the Pollock-like sandwiches I create The Day After. (Or the day of.)

                                      1. I am shocked, shocked, that nobody mentioned Wonder... with plenty of mayo

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                                          We can't get it here yet. It hasn't come back.

                                          1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                            pepperidge farm country white is a decent substitute.

                                        2. I love a hot turkey sandwich drenched in gravy w/ a side of (also gravy-drenched) mashed potatoes. TJ's potato bread is ideal b/c it's firm enough to not completely fall apart under all the gravy, yet still soft enough to absorb the gravy. It's just slightly sweet and perfect for my purposes.

                                          1. I prefer the white side of the spectrum...San Francisco sourdough, King's Hawaiian, Kaiser...with chipotle mayonnaise and turkey. A pint of bitter would be good, too.

                                            1. Has to be Wonder bread toasted..but since there is no more Wonder Bread..any cheap, spongey white bread will do..but it has to be toasted. lightly.

                                                1. Cranberry walnut bread from Bobolink Dairy.


                                                  1. my wonderbread did not hold up! i think they've changed the recipe!

                                                    (i will put it to the summer tomato sandwich test, but i am not hopeful!).

                                                    may have to go to a toasted sesame kaiser for the turkey, dressing, cran sauce sandwich.

                                                    1. Had mine on baguette, was delicious!