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Nov 25, 2013 07:08 AM

Potica - where can I find some?

Sunrise bakery version is good, and available at many TC locations, but I'm looking for non-pre-packaged. I know that Mel-O-Glaze can make it on order, and while theirs was good, I'm looking for better.

From older threads, I've seen that Kramarczuk's, Mississippi Market, and perhaps Jerabek's may (or may not) carry it.

Any recent sightings/tastings? Thank you!

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  1. Good question. You can find Andre's potica at the co-ops and Kramarczuk's. Andre's is a different species though (Slovak vs Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian). Andre does live in Chisholm, Minnesota, but he is an immigrant from Slovakia. His style is delicious in its own right, but it is not the "authentic" potica we Iron Rangers grew up with.

    The best potica on the Iron Range was made by the old Slovenian, Serbian, and Croatian ladies way back when. Of course, they've all died off and good potica is hard to find. There is a woman named Betty Calagueri in Nashwauk, MN who makes wonderful potica and sells it out of her home. I don't know if she mail orders it, but you can check.

    There's a place in Virginia, MN, that mails it.

    I find this version a little too sweet for me. That's how I feel about Sunrise potica, but it's OK in a pinch.

    I hope you can find more answers.

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      I forgot about this one. I've never tried this but potica eaters whom I respect like a version made by the ladies at the Slovenian National Home (Slovenski Dom) in Chisholm, MN. I think they make and sell it during the holidays. Here's a number.

      (218) 254-8048

      1. re: shoo bee doo

        I've been getting potica from Betty every year for many years (family friend). Love the stuff.

        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          Brad, we had an offline discussion a few years ago regarding Betty. You said she mailed it to you and here is the contact information you gave me.

          Betty Calaguire (I believe pronounced CAL EH JERRY)
          126 3rd Street
          Naswauk, MN 55769

          Interesting that we should have found that this is where your mother orders her potica and also where my sisters ordered it for their daughters' weddings. It is truly the best that exists that I know.

          1. re: shoo bee doo

            Yes, that is how her name is pronounced. My mother passed away two years ago, but her cousin has picked up the torch, and pays Betty to still make sure I get one.

      2. Diamond City Bakery in Elk River. Fabulous, wonderful, Potica year round.

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        1. re: shanemio

          Really? I'm on my way right now! :-)

          1. re: shoo bee doo

            Did you get there? What do you think? I do love Andre's but remember you saying several years back here that it wasn't the real Iron Range deal. Rats.

            1. re: clepro

              I did not get there yet. I got distracted on that day. I do plan to go though. On the website, they label it as Potica coffee cake. It appears softer than what potica should be. It is shaped though exactly like they shape it in Slovenia, which is interesting.

              Andre's is good. I don't want to be critical. But it is a different style than what we grew up with up there on the Range. I especially love Andre's poppyseed roll.

              I'll have to try Jerabek's also.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yes, Jerabek's makes it. They published their holiday bread/cake/cookie list on their Facebook page today.