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Nov 25, 2013 07:02 AM

Portland NYE dining?

Coming up to Portland for NYE and wondering where to go for dinner and brunch the next day? Last year we had dinner at Fore Street and dinner the evening before NYE at Local 188, two of my favorites. Also love the brunch at Caiola's. Any ideas for something new for 2013? I have been scouring the Portland Food Map website and am a bit overwhelmed for choices. Thanks!

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  1. Kat, most restaurants haven't started announcing yet whether they plan to be open on New Year's Eve. That said it's a safe bet that those that did last year probably will do so again in 2013. Here's a link to my 2012 NYE dining list for reference:

    Bar Lola, Bresca and Carmen have all closed since then but new options in town that may do a NYE dinner are Piccolo, Oscar's, Empire Chinese Kitchen, Outliers, Little Tap House. Also, I have to imaging that Hunt & Alpine will do something special for New Year's Eve.

    Anestes Fotiades
    Editor of Portland Food Map

    1. Thanks for helping narrow my choices! I love your website, it is great.

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      1. Hello Kat! For what its worth, the place that I am most looking forward to trying (two small kids, SO hard to get out) is Piccolo. It would be the place I would feel most confident would not only not disappoint but impress me greatly.

        That said any of the suggestions Anestes listed would be great!

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        1. Kat, I've begun assembling a 2013 New Year's Eve list. In case you haven't made a final decision yet, here's the list so far:

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          1. So, we first made a reservation at Grace, but then canceled it as we wanted somewhere closer to our hotel so we could walk there in the frigid weather without turning into icicles. We reserved at Street and Co., which has been on my list for years. We had three tastes, my favorite being the Jerusalem artichoke soup. My main plate was the Sole Francaise, absolutely delicious. Our table faced the open kitchen, which was great, and the room was warm, cozy and convivial. Server was great, very attentive. Good choice all around.