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Nov 25, 2013 06:05 AM

Thanksgiving in Brooklyn

Looking for ideas for a Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn for a party of 5. Doesn't have to be the traditional Turkey dinner, although the option to have that, might be nice. We're not looking for anything very upscale for this particular meal, but not a shlock place either. The two places that were suggested were Essen Deli, and Gourmet K, which I'd like to find out more about. Ideally, I'd like a place that will take a reservation.

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  1. Pardes is making a Thanksgiving meal. I would so go if I didn't have to go to the family. Not sure if there are seats left.

    1. Not sure if this is more upscale than you are looking for but Chagall Bistro is open on Thanksgiving and offering a 5 course prix-fixe for $65 per person. They do take reservations. Essen is really more of a deli, but I have seen them advertising a turkey dinner for that day. Maybe try Wolf & Lamb to so if they are open that day?

      1. Chagall Bistro is making a Thanksgivukkah meal.

        1. Thanks very much for the responses so far, but, having eaten in Pardes several times, and Chagall Bistro once, we don't think that their more exotic type menus, would be appreciated by the other members of our party. Still looking for more info. On Gourmet K, and other suggestions.

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            I've driven by gourmet k several times and its always closed. Are you sure they're open?

          2. cheesecake17: Yes. I read that they are open from 5pm to 12 am Sunday through Thursday.

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              Ah ok that could be why it's always closed when im around :)