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Nov 25, 2013 05:59 AM

Where can I buy Suntory brand Japanese whiskey in Connecticut?

Anyone seen Suntory Japanese whiskey for sale in any liquor stores in Connecticut? I'm willing to drive to get it.

(Don't ask - long story. Please no debates here about the merits of the stuff. I just need a bottle. Thanks.)

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  1. Coastal Wine in Branford carries Hibiki and Yamazaki by Suntory. I prefer Hibiki. No debate from me about Japanese whiskey. Its very good.

    1. Hibiki and Yamazaki are both available for sale in Connecticut. You can ask your liquor store to order one of these for you. The wholesaler, in case they ask, is Brescome/Barton Co.

      The straight "Suntory" is either not available for wholesale sale in Connecticut or I haven't run into which wholesaler sells it.

      I've offered Hibiki at our restaurants for over ten years. We find it's a superb quaff as a Scotch alternative.

      1. Suntory to buy Beam for 16billion