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Nov 25, 2013 05:47 AM

Foodie stops between Nashua and Sugarbush

Driving from Nashua to Sugarbush (Warren, VT) on Wednesday for Thanksgiving.

Are there any nice stops for lunch on the way or little shops to pick up a perfect hostess gift? I am planning on Route 3 to Route 89.

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  1. What exit do you plan on getting off on 89?

    1. If you're going north on 91 the King Arthur store is a few exits up.

      1. How about Parker House or Simon Pearce in Quechee?

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          Simon Pearce for sure. Can't miss.

        2. sorry I missed this - maybe on your way back. Concord NH is only slightly out of your way. There are two wonderful bakeries on Main Street Crust and Crumb (north end of the street) and Bread and Chocolate (European style). Just about across the street from Bread and Chocolate is the Concord Food Coop which has a nice selection of cheese and a small selection of wine. You can eat there in their Celery Stick Café. Not a large selection of food but organic.
          The Food Coop in Lebanon is very good (you can also have lunch there). I follow signs to Children's Hospital of Dartmouth (CHAD) but take a right instead of left to go to the food coop. Sorry, can't remember which exit off I89.

          In Davisville NH, take exit 7 off I89 is School House Café for lunch. Check directions. It's on Rt 103 between exit 6 and 7 but closer to 7.

          One of my favorite places for a quick lunch in Concord is In A Pinch Café. They have two locations. One is in an office building on/off South Main Street. The other is near the hospital in an old house. Good salads, sandwiches and soups. I don't think they are open on sundays. Both locations aren't far from I89 if you have a map to follow.

          A very tasty hostess gift might have been some chocolates from Granite State Candy on Warren St in Concord NH.

          Both the League of NH Craftsmen and Capital Craftsmen on Main Street in Concord NH have a large selection of gift items. Not sure if it's available yet but the League usually has an annual Christmas ornament that's quite special.