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Nov 25, 2013 05:13 AM

Whole fish in Boston?

I spent much of they summer in New York city. Had several meals in the Eatily seafood place. They always have one or two kinds of whole fish. Grilled, broiled or roasted.Where can I find similar offerings in Boston?

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  1. I believe Neptune Oyster has a whole fish; never tried it.

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    1. re: Madrid

      A gentleman sitting next to us at the bar had it one day and raved to us about it. The current online menu lists a whole roasted Greek Bronzino.


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        I had the Branzino there. It was amazing. One of my favorite fishes/dishes of all time.

    2. It is difficult getting whole fish outside Chinatown and some ethnic restaurants. New Englanders believe schrod swims around headless and finless.

      1. Definitely not fine dining, but I wonder if you can get Courthouse Seafood in Cambridge to cook a whole fish for you. If not, both Courthouse and New Deal down the road always have a nice selection of beautiful whole fish to cook at home.

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          Courthouse will DEFINITELY cook a fish any way you want it. Pick it out at the market, tell them how you want it dressed, and it goes right next door to the restaurant for cooking. Granted the restaurant is pretty basic ambiance, but the fish is top notch.

        2. Recently had the crispy whole fish with green curry at Myers+Chang. It was delicious!

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            When I had it, it was prepared with something that wasn't curry - but it was delicious then too!

          2. Mare in the North End usually has a Branzino on the menu. It is a type of sea bass farm raised in the Med. Seen it at Prezza and Neptune also. You might want to give them a call to see if they can do it on a day's notice.

            I've seen whole Red Snapper at Oceanaire and a few other places as a special. Red snapper works well as a whole fish dish.

            The problem is that most fish served here are too large to serve the whole fish as a single/double serving. Obviously swordfish but even most cod are just too large.

            Courthouse is a great idea to have it out. Chinatown will do whole fish at a lot of places. Peach Farm, East Ocean City.