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Nov 25, 2013 04:34 AM

Really, Really, Really Big Toblerone Bar

I know there is usually a question on this board about finding a Giant Toblerone bar each year near Christmas. The Peak Freens outlet (O Connor and Bermondsey) had toblerone bars (the big size for less than $6) each) and they had a huge /gigantic bar on display. The husband asked and was told it was about $55 dollars. I did not look at the exact size but it was huge.
The outlet also had individual wrapped toblerones, the small toblerone bars, the normal large toblerone bars and some flavours of Terry's Chocolate oranges.
Usually these types of products go fast at the outlet.

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  1. Costco has the BIG BIG ones in stock again.

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    1. re: MiniMom

      Saw them yesterday at Heartland Costco, $11.99. Tempted to buy it, but the Peanut M&M's were a whopping $5 off, couldn't resist - I'm terrible, I know!

    2. Not exactly edible, but here's a MUCH bigger Toblerone:

      1. Thanks..was waiting for this at the outlet store!

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        1. re: szw

          Picked mine up today be warned however do go quickly people were buying them by the case, and the giant one was gone!!!

        2. our dollar store has Toblerones i was shocked

          1. The New Costco in Miss. was selling 750g bars for $6.99 as part of the grand opening. They were going fast on Wed. morning.