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Nov 25, 2013 02:32 AM

Who serves good soba?

We try to avoid white flour as much as possible and therefore are interested in a healthier alternative of buckwheat soba noodles. Please recc. where to get tasty dishes of them.

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  1. just found on that review site a place called VanSoba in north van that looks great.

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      Not soba but I had a buckwheat, fig and date pastry at Revolver in Vancouver called a Pioneer Roll that was excellent. It, along with all their pastries, are made daily at their sister store, Café Crema, in North Van
      It was similar to the one made by Kim Boyce at Bakeshop in Portland (see here: ). Not all buckwheat but half and perhaps you could sub wholewheat flour?

    2. I know that 100% buckwheat soba is readily available at Asian markets and even Whole Foods, but most soba dishes you'll find in restaurants are going to use the buckwheat-wheat hybrid noodles that are more common and have better structural integrity.

      However, there is a newer place in North Van that makes fresh soba. I haven't been yet but it's supposed to be good.

      1. Healthy Noodle House on W 4th @ Stevens has soba as one of their noodle options (you pick the noodles and meat/meat sub and veg toppings from a checklist). Broth is a light and mushroom based.
        I've not tried their soba but have enjoyed veggie laden rice noodle soup there on occasion.

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          Yes I agree on Healthy Noodle-the place is a little bare bones but the proof is in the soup-it's delicious.