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Nov 25, 2013 01:34 AM

Tenner a head in London

So after realising my monthly eating-out bill is something ridiculous, i'm trying to stick to cheaper places! I know there is a whole load of places where two people can eat for 20 pounds.

I'll throw Saravanaa Bhavan in Tooting (and probably in the other branches) into the ring. It's Sound/North Indian Thali's are the best I've had and are really special, and clock in at 6 or 7 pounds. Other good Tooting options, Apollo Banana Leaf, Chutney n Dosa, Spice Village (if you order conservatively) work too.

Any good suggestions?

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  1. There are a lot worse pad thai dishes served than I've eaten at Busaba Eathai. For £8.50, it's not a bad deal.

    1. Had a great wrap at Phoenicia in Kentish Town for 2.99 yesterday!

      1. Duck (or char sui) on rice at Goldmine/Four Seasons is a good value, less than 10 definitely.

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        1. re: brokentelephone

          Good shout. I find the gouging in China Town really annoying, nipping in for a dish or two ends up being 40 quid with tea, rice, service charge etc. Understandable though.

          I keep meaning to get the Soy Milk and Youtiao from one of the cafes there. Definitely under a tenner and will hopefully remind me of Taiwan!

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            Chinatown isn't too expensive. My favorite dish ever (curry beef flank on rice) at Cafe TPT is under 7 pounds Add a glass of tap water, provided begrudgingly by their wonderful staff, and you're under 15 for two, with 5 pound left over to spend at the strip club!

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              Haha true! And of course the Malaysian place in the shopping arcade now I think of it, surely under 10/head.

              That reminds me! Mamasuka - The Polish place in Elephant and Castle shopping center is good (well, based on not much Polish food experience) and a fiver for the mains.

        2. I've tried all these places at lunch, not sure if you could do all of them for under a tenner at dinner.

          Bonda- Malaysian: Paddington
          Ariana II- Afghan: Kilburn
          Ibuki- Japanese Maida Vale
          Salt n Pepper-Pakastani: Near Leicester SQ
          Gana Cafe-Sri Lankan: Wembley
          Kailash Parbat-Indian: Wembley
          Dip and Flip-French dip and burgers: Battersea

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          1. re: Paprikaboy

            Our lunch at Salt N Pepper was 60 quid! I think maybe it's more a greed problem :)

            1. re: themaneats

              They do lunch platters for £9.20 which is a curry, side and bread or 2 kebabs side and bread so maybe was a greed problem :)

              1. re: Paprikaboy

                Haha, yeah :). I'm sure it wasn't available at the weekends.

          2. I'm a PhD student who loves to eat out, so I'm constantly looking for more affordable places to eat! My recommendations:

            Franco Manca, Brixton for pizza
            Honest Burger, Soho (or Brixton)
            Malaysia Kopitiam, Leicester Square
            Noodle Bar on Cranbourne Street for their hand-pulled noodles - also try Maotai Kitchen in Chinatown
            Koya, Soho (udon only though, not the specials)
            Cafe East, Surrey Quays for massive bowls of pho
            Asakusa, Mornington Crescent - I used to be able to order several small plates (+set meal) to share with a couple of friends and it would come to about 10 per head
            Ittenbari, Soho - I prefer their ramen over the other newer, hipper places (not a fan of the super-rich tonkotsu)

            You might be able to feed 2 for 20 pounds at any of the Korean restaurants around Centrepoint, or Koba near Goodge Street, or Asadal next to Holborn Station if you don't order the barbeque meat.

            If you can go for lunch, I think the express lunch at Hereford Road (9.50 for main course, a glass of wine, and coffee) is exceedingly good value. Or come to Camberwell and eat at FM Mangal for delicious grilled meat.

            Weekend brunch:
            Caravan, King's Cross
            The Table, Southwark

            I should also mention I almost always drink tap water!