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Nov 25, 2013 01:31 AM

The rest of our trip report (Paris + Burgundy)

Spring, Premices, Pierre Sang and Le Cinq came out tops. Mr Desnoyer oozes charm. Lazare was fun but the food not quite our thing. Trip report as below. Thanks CHers!

Day 1


SPRING (dinner
)Very nice progression (missing a lot these days but spring has that).
Scallops with cauliflower (best scallop dish we had this trip, the rest poor – what’s up Paris?) And don’t miss the wine pairing! It’s awesome.


7 huge courses for ONE mini degustation was more than enough food for two of us. But after serving DH’s main of roasted veal chop, the kitchen gave him 3 extra courses - including a salmon, palombe and creme brulee. When riz au lait finally came, we were beyond stuffed. As you can see, Chef Jego took real good care of us.

(Too full for dinner)

DAY 4 - Burgundy

The simplicity of this restaurant was much welcomed after 3 days of non stop eating. Though it's my first time having oeuf meurette (love it, yum) I believe this is a nice, solid version.

MA CUISINE (dinner)
Food fatigue was beginning to set in - initially decided not to order the beef bourgignon but had a change of heart when we saw it at the next table. It was gleaming – like black gold! The sauce coated the meat beautifully, but the beef was not as tender as expected. Still, since other dishes we had were pedestrian, I say head straight for the Beef Bourgignon if dining here.

DAY 5 - Burgundy/Paris

Under-delivered a little (when it came to the mains) but still generally good.

Duo of foie natural and with pinot – v good. Protein mains superbly cooked (kept all the juices intact ) but marred by too much going on in the plates. Nice ending with famous mousse d'époisse and well-conceived desserts

PREMICES (dinner)
Interesting that it is such a lean outfit - manned by just 2 in kitchen and 1 FOH.

Seared foie gras cooked PERFECT – wished they got rid of the pumpkin mash under it. DH’s pigeon was stunning. (I want to eat it again!). Scallop done two ways was a lil disappointing. Scallop lacked taste and one of the mash was too sweet. But overall, highly recommended. Go!


Mr Desnoyer is so charming! We also learned an important lesson that day. Ordered a Faux fillet for one and asked for “medium rare” but it turned out medium. Apparently I should’ve asked for saignant. They graciously replaced it and Mr D even treated us to dessert. DH’s tartare au Couteau was ok, but we preferred the steaks.

(Too full for dinner)


Started the day with Pierre Herme Croissants – serious yum. Trooped to JG and ordered the praline mille feuille but I think chocolate shd be better. And do not, in the world, miss the tart citron!

LAZARE (dinner)
Somewhat disappointing. Started off nicely enough at the bar with a great terrine but went downhill. Moved to tables and maybe our fault with ordering and limited understanding of the French menu but our starters were uninspired (celeriac “coleslaw” and deviled eggs). Mains felt heavy. But restaurant had great vibes. Fun, busy place.


LE CINQ (170e autumn lunch)

So 11 nov was a bank holiday (we didn’t know) and to our horror, the 110e set lunch wasn’t available. We stayed and boy, no regrets. Nice progression to the meal (impt) and yes, we asked for the famous lamb shoulder and got it. Special mention to the pre-dessert of grapefruit sorbet tt looked like an onsen egg- its bitterness and citrus flavours just THE THING to reset yr tastebuds. Brilliant.

If we were to nit-pick, only the scallop sashimi on one of the dishes was pretty tasteless, but nonetheless fresh. Oh, and we bumped into Jonathan (the sommelier at Spring) having lunch there on his off day!

It was a wonderful trip. Thanks once again to u guys for helping make our trip a success. We hope that our report can help others in their planning.

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  1. "LAZARE......maybe our fault with ordering"
    Whenever I think that, I correct myself ASAP, because if a place is only as good as one or two dishes, how the deuce can one recommend it or go back with, say, 4 people?

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    1. re: John Talbott

      You are absolutely right JT. But we felt we had to take some blame as we didn't know what "rémoulade" was :) Plus the waiter described it as "celery vegetables, green apples" - so was expecting something sharp, salady, refreshing.

      But that all said, the dish wasn't very tasty even when taken as a slaw.

    2. "MA CUISINE ...Still, since other dishes we had were pedestrian,"

      ? makes me wonder if Fabienne was in the kitchen. I have never eaten anything there I would describe as "pedestrian."

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Fabienne was there in mid September.
        I had a good meal there, loved the wine, for which I pawned my underwear, but must admit that the food at Le Ptit Paradis was one full grade higher.

        1. re: Parigi

          hmm will have to try them next time. Thanks.

          1. re: ChefJune

            At ma cuisine, we felt the sauce on the beef bourguinon was something special. The rest of our dinner was okgood but nothing that blew our minds.

            Went by Le P'tit Paradis to check out the menu too. Very small interesting looking place. Too bad our trip was too short to fit it in. hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be a next time for us.

      2. Glad you got to the 17 hour lamb shoulder

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        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          actually we have to thank you :) the mains didn't interest us much and we were glad to have read from yr past post that the lamb shoulder was good.