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Nov 24, 2013 10:57 PM

Montreal Wedding Venue Help !

I'm an Australian girl marrying a Montrealer (I know lucky me!). We are planning on having a wedding in Australia in March (2014) followed by a dinner reception in Montreal in May for the guests that can't make it to Australia.

Ideally it will be for 90 people and looking for something that isn't crazy expensive and has character or is unique, so not really a hotel banquet room and we both love Old Montreal. So far my fiancé has only found places that's minimum $200pp. Any suggestions to help us in the right direction would be great!

thanks everyone :)

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  1. Look at Daylight Factory (

    Great space including outdoor terrasse if weather allows. Not huge, so at 90pp, it would likely be a cocktail dinner type. Contact them and see what they offer. Space is great, it's in old Montreal and it's not too expensive.

    1. Agree that Daylight Factory is a really cool space. Haven't had the food so can't comment on that aspect.

      The Pointe-à-Callière Museum also has some interesting spaces available, and their L'Arrivage Restaurant (which you can also rent out) will cater in any of them:

      I've only eaten at L'Arrivage once (a long time ago) but I remember it being very good. Others might have more recent reports.

      1. Unfortunately the daylight factory only fits in 60 people, and we would really like to have room for a dancefloor too. I've emailed the Pointe-à-Callière Museum so that could be a good option.

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          1. Hi!
            Congratulations on your wedding!!
            you can check out one of the 3 rooms of the Auberge St-Gabriel and their food is amazing too.
            If not, Apollo restaurant in the old Montreal has a great room by the water and also serve great food
            Restaurant Soup Soup in old Montreal closes as night and has a catering service
            There are many options in old montreal of empty rooms with a lot of character where you can bring your own caterer.