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Nov 24, 2013 08:32 PM

Amaro, Aperitifs, Bourbon selection in Boston?

Heading to Boston this week and want to seek out some new treasures. Any suggestions for the best selection of bourbons, vermouths, amaro and aperitifs? I'm looking for some eccentric bottles off the beaten path, along the lines of what you'd find in the PDT cocktail book.


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  1. For bourbon- they usually have at least a bottle or two of pappy at BWX on devonshire. You just gotta ask them and be persistent because they'll try to brush you off.

    1. For amaro & apertifs, I suggest Liquor World in Porter Square shopping center. The owner keeps a good stock of interesting bitters & amaro.

      1. Another great place for amaro is Cirace in the North End. They also have an amazing selection of grappa.

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          Cirace carries Rucolini, the Sardinian amaro made from arugula. More complex than Cynar but also sweeter.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            they also have a great selection of grappa.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              Btw, I had the name wrong - it's rucola.

          2. Kappy's, in Medford, has a good selection at great prices. I like Liquor World in Porter Square, as another poster mentioned, but there's definitely a Cambridge surcharge -- they charge $3-5 more per bottle than they should.

              1. re: alittlesomethinsweet

                Federal Wine & Spirits has a great whiskey selection and give great advice.

                1. re: CportJ

                  Federal is nice -- they're also really happy to special order anything you want. They don't have much in the way of amaros, though, and their prices are city prices.

                  Nthing Liquor World in Porter. And for non-potable bitters, Boston Shaker in Davis Square is fun -- they have tasters out so you can try things before you buy.

                  1. re: antimony

                    Joe at Federal really knows whiskeys and bourbons and they have some fairly unusual stuff in their stock. Agree on the amaros - not really the best place.

                    Agree on Boston Shaker - the different bitters are fascinating - I really liked the maple bitters.