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Nov 24, 2013 08:31 PM

Making scalloped sweet potatoes ahead

I decided to try Bobby Flay's scalloped sweet potatoes, but I want to do them a day before. The recipe is simple: layer the sliced potatoes with a mixture of cream and chipotle chile puree. I think it would be best to cook the casserole, cover and refrigerate, then reheat before dinner. Is there a better way? I must cut the potatoes in advance, but then what? I can't deal with all the side dishes at dinner time.Thanks for advice.

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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone will be able to help us

    1. I would assemble, bake for half the time today.
      Day of bring to temp and finish cooking- ok to hold with foil ontop an hour or so, but to fully cook today and then re warm the dairy may break...