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Nov 24, 2013 07:59 PM

Grocery Outlet November 2013

Better late than never.

OAKLAND 11/24:

99 cents, Muir Glen organic fire roasted petit diced tomatoes, plain and with chipotle

99 cents, Diamond Almond milk 1quart tetrapaks, chocolate both sweetened and unsweetened

$2.99 Chuao choclate bars, several flavors

1.99/qt. Horizon organic lowfat eggnog

2/$1 Brown Cow cream top Greek yogurt, maple flavor

$1.99/qt. OIKOS Greek yogurt, plain, key lime and strawberry

$2.99/7oz. Kerrygold cheddar with Irish whisky and Dubliner with stout

$2.99 Nonni's Gingerbread biscotti

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    1. Lots of yogurts 3 for $1 (Yoplait, Mueller, Safeway)

    2. Monterey Bay Foods "Sausage & Kale" ravioli 16 oz for $2.99

    3. Bag of onions: 3 lbs/$1

    4. Pineapples: 99 cents

    5. Mangos 3 for $1

    6. Starbucks java chip ice cream $1.99 (pint)

    7. Grey Poupon mild & creamy Dijon mustard $1.49 (10 oz)

    1. Oakland 11/27:

      FISCALINI SAN JOAQUIN GOLD cheese. Random weight packages (most about five ounces) $8.99/lb.

      $1.99 blue Monterey jack slices (these make the best cheeseburgers)
      $1.49 Godiva raspberry and strawberry filled chocolate bars. The raspberries are just about the only Godiva product I consider worth buying.
      $1.99 pineapples
      $1.50 Klondike bars (6) filling is orange color but vanilla flavor
      $4.99 70% chocolate French truffles

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        That Fiscalini is quite a score!

        And for anyone else who has a GO gift card from the legal settlement, I just noticed that mine has an expiration date of dec 1 and needs to be used.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Yeah, I was hoping you would see this.