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Nov 24, 2013 07:53 PM

Too many restaurants, not enough time....

Was just in Miami a week ago and hit up a bunch of places. Some were on my list from researching thru this site, TV shows, and "where chefs eat" book. Others, we stumbled upon... Very disappointed we missed Michael's Genuine.

Below is summary of places we visited. Thank you Miami, I will be back!

LA SANDWICHERIE - http://www.lasandwicherie.com/ -
- Rate it 7/10
- 4 different types of beugettes sandwiches + 1 crouque- the croque was great, the rest was average to slogjt;u above average.
- Smoothies and milk shakes were great- open super late = great place for late night eats.

YARDBIRD - http://runchickenrun.com/
- Rate 9.5/10
- So much hype and really did not dissappoint. Can't think of a single dish that wasn't outstanding. The mud piie and BP and Maple bacon sundaes are sooo good....
- HIGHLY recommend. A place to go out of your way to try.

PUERTO SAGUA - http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/12/155379...
- Rate 6.5/10
- Late night eats. Good cheap food. Had cuban sandwich, pulled pork sandwich both good. Rest was white fish, fish soup, empanandas, which was nothing special.
- Don't go out of way but good late night option.

LA PERRADA DE EDGAR - http://www.laperradadeedgar.com/
-Rate 7.5/10
- Much hyped Anthony Bourdain visit... tried the whip cream dog and really it wasn't horrible. Not my thing but didn't disgust me....
- The other dogs were actually quite god. Not gourmet by no means but tasty basic dogs. Soft steamed buns with good dog and crazy toppings.
- Tried the Paraguayan; Argentinian, Columbian, Edgar special, & Roma. Owner is super friendly

EL PALACIO DE LOS JUGOS - http://www.elpalaciodelosjugos.com/en/
- 7.5/10
- Cuban sandwich; ribs, pork rice, lechon, various juices, empanadas
- Definitely worth the visit. many locations- find one close to you and go.
- coconut juice = awesome!!! Super cheap good eats!!

JOE'S STONE CRAB - http://www.joesstonecrab.com
- 8/10
- Institution in Miami.
- We were lucky, it was stone crab season. It was delicious! Other items were good, nit amazing but consistent good.

LA MOON - http://www.urbanspoon.com/m/r/12/153597
- 6.5/10
- Columbian Food, Food got dogs. Had the chiccerone, and yuka fries. All the other dishes we ok to good.
- Not worth going out of your way, but good option for cheap food if you are in area and open late.

UMAMI BURGER- http://www.umami.com/umami-burger/eat...
- 10/10
- GO! Simple, basic, amazing burger.
- Had the original burger. Nothing fancy but out of this world. Loved it in LA and made the special trip in Miami to eat it.

CHICO'S CANTINA - http://chicoscantina.com
- 6.5/10 (KEY WEST
)- Mexican Food, some good dishes but nothing amazing.
- ok to check out if in area, don't make special trip.

LE PETIT PARIS - http://www.urbanspoon.com/m/r/144/172...
- 6.5/10 (KEY WEST
)- Same as above, everywhere was closed so stumbled into this restaurant. Savory crepes. A little heavy for a crepe. Quite pricy.
- Nothing that blew me away, ok if in area for a meal and can't find anything.

ROOSTICA- http://www.roostica.com
- 7/10 (KEY WEST
)- Lazy day, ordered take out.... Usually not a good judge of a restaurant, especially neapolitan style pizza. Fig&pig was good. Funghi& cheese and lasagna was ok. Risotto balls was not that good.
- Good option in key west. It was close to our hotel.

SANDY'S CAFE- http://www.kwsandyscafe.com
- 8/10
- Great snack shop, super cheap eats. Got to stew (ok), prawn tacos (great), mariachi tacos(great), Sandy's cubano(awesome), crab cakes(not so good
)- Definitely a place to check out and 24hrs!

CONCH SHACK - http://www.myconchshack.com/default.html
- 8.5/10
- Get the lobster roll! Soo goood....
- Also had cracked conch(good), sampler (good), conch fritter(ok) then got second lobster roll.... Definitely check it out.

GLAZED DONUT - http://www.glazeddonutskw.com
- 8.5/10
- Might not have did this justice... Just had a couple lobster rolls and was sooo full but had to check out 1 of the top 10 rated don't shops in the U.S
- Key lime (great), Apple fritter (good), maple bacon (good), copy of cronut (ok), cinnamon sugar(ok). Worth checking out.

KIM'S KUBAN- http://m.yelp.ca/biz/kims-kuban-key-west
- 7.5/10
- Unfortunatly didn't actually get a cubano....
- Everyone raved about the cafe con leche (ok). BLT(Good), steak&cheese (good), bollos (good) had to try these unique hush puppies/falafel type snacks.... Wish they weren't as heavy handed with the salt, otherwise, it was super tasty.

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  1. thanks for the report - this is great!

    1. great report thanks for sharing.

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        It was definitely fun "testing" the food to write the feedback... Makes me hungry just thinking about it....

      2. Thanks for the review!