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Nov 24, 2013 07:06 PM

My food comes out different when it's not in my kitchen.

I'm sure alot of you will be traveling over the holidays to visit family and freinds.Probably staying at their homes.And using their kitchen.You cook something that you have made a hundred times at your house, and it kinda takes a dive.It's not the same.Even when using the same ingredients. Have you ever noticed it ?

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  1. We do a lot of house exchanges and rent apartments also when we travel. The only time I've had a significant problem was an oven where the seals had failed. Otherwise no. I do, however, travel with certain tools as well as spices, herbs, oils, vinegars, etc.

    1. When we moved a couple years ago, I had to retime/re temp my favorite recipes/techniques between the 2 ovens. The "new" one which was 20 years older ran much hotter. So when we replaced it last year (stove burners were TINY and burned everything cause the heat was so focused) I had to retime everything again.

      1. Most of my "traveling" recipe bombs have been as the result of varying oven or stove temperatures, or different pan sizes for baking. The other major item for baking would be difference moisture/fat levels in butter, and different sorts of flour based on local variations.

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          Also aged herbs and spices would change the flavor of your dish.

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            I ALWAYS travel with my own herbs and spices as mentioned above. I rarely find what I need and rarely fresh as I want.

        2. It do. No sure cure for unfamiliarity.

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            I have to disagree. As I've mentioned above, I set myself up for success. Even on an airplane I can carry almost everything.

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              kitchen items I miss the most when traveling are paring knife and food storage containers. Flying with only a carryon bag, I'm not able to carry a knife, and the containers take up too much space :(

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                We each get a free checked bag because of our airline-affiliated credit card, so we can carry anything.