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Nov 24, 2013 07:04 PM

Craft lunch ?

Anyone been recently? Recommended dishes?

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  1. I went a few times in September. The food was good, but not memorable -- two months later I have no recollection of what I ate other than one time I ordered salmon. In any event, the menu seems to change seasonally.

    I do remember that it was shockingly expensive for lunch. The entrees (or at least the ones I ordered) were quite small, so unless you order some sides or appetizers, it is not going to be enough food. And when you start adding on appetizers or sides and maybe a glass of ice tea or the like, the bill becomes shockingly expensive.

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    1. re: omotosando

      Thanks o. Friend has a gift card. I never thought of it as a lunch spot. Could be worse !

      1. re: jessejames

        I love the room and the service is always excellent. If someone else was paying, I would be happy to dine there for lunch twice a week! It is just too darn expensive for a regular lunch spot when paying out of pocket.

        1. re: omotosando

          Had the salmon, crispy skin, sort of a putansesca ragout -- well cooked, reasonably large portion. I liked it. Also an avocado salad with peanuts on top that was tasty. Ice cream and cchip cookies good closers. My friends had the shortrib sliders and chips -- they loved em, i thought needed some jus or something.

          Waitress excellent and busboys and one of the two maitre d's excellent. Other maitre d essentially tried to seat us in the coat room behind a wooden fence near the bar away from a half empty dining room -- he might as well have said "fuck you punks, I'm a douchelord." We were accomodated with a different table by the entrance but not a booth or other table which were available at the time.

          I think they need to get rid of the douchelord.

          1. re: jessejames

            Wow, "douchelord" is a new word on chowhound, I believe!
            Somebody, give the man a Yodel!

            1. re: jessejames

              It's really just the private dining club for CAA, esp. at lunch.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I have to say that I have never received anything but excellent service for lunch at Craft and I am not a regular, nor do I work for CAA. In fact, I have to say that I'm a little more enamored of the service at Craft than the food. I always feel coddled when I go there (until I get the bill), but then I can never remember what I ate.

                1. re: omotosando

                  you're right -- everyone was amazing from the lady that opened the door for us when we got to the entrance to the incredible table jerk at the beginning tho can set or ruin a tone...he didn't ruin our lunch of course, but it was worth noting....i think they need to avoid becoming too much like their #1 client.

              2. re: jessejames

                Your a better man than me...I would have walked out and had a slice at Joe's in the CC food court!

                1. re: manku

                  friend had a gift card otherwise i would have -- food was good. I'm still not understanding how this toss-pot thinks that is hospitality...