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Nov 24, 2013 05:23 PM

Buckeye Roadhouse [Mill Valley]

Today, heading to the airport, hubby and I split a rare cheddar cheese burger/fries and butter lettuce salad sitting at a booth in the bar at Buckeye.

I am reminded what a fun, friendly spot it is - and what a great cheeseburger they continue to produce after all these years.

Sitting a a booth in the bar is a much better experience than in the main larger room, which can be a bit cavernous... our server was 100% top notch from start to finish & I wish I had gotten his name. Tall gentleman, balding, great smile, super friendly! We talked about Top Chef New Orleans.


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  1. I love Buckeye. It is my go to in Marin any and every time I cross that bridge I try to eat there.

    I love the bar area as well. The only time I opt for the dinning room is with a reservation for a special occasion.

    I always get the oysters Casino...or are they Bingo? and the Ribs with a Pliny the elder!

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    1. re: smatbrat

      Thanks, smartbrat.

      I think the menu item is Oyster's Bingo -- which we did not get, but gets great raves, and I will try next time. Good to know about the ribs, my husband loves ribs.

      It was a great way to start our trip and we were glad we had a protein load as our flight was two hours late taking off! We are now eating our way through New Orleans.

      1. re: karendor

        Sb, you helped me find Zareflytrap, a few months back -- so thankful for steering me in the right directions!!

        Did you try 1760 yet? I saw you were waiting for the kinks to get straightened out.

        My goal is be *half-way* as well informed about SF Bay Area eats as i am with NOLA. Bit obsessed with the food scene down here!