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Nov 24, 2013 05:05 PM

C & M Cafe in the Palms neighborhood

We stumbled upon C & M Cafe this morning while driving up Motor - they're at the northeast corner of Motor and National. Really knowing nothing about this place, we were pleasantly surprised at the menu, the quality of food and preparation, and the cordial service. They are open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, with some nice takes on sandwiches and salads for the most part. Many of the names of the dishes are fun but really don't tell of what the item actually is, so reading the description is mandatory.

We had three different breakfast sandwiches and a lemon-rosemary bread pudding with egg - all were very enjoyable. The eggs tell the tale of this place. These were pretty amazing for a little cafe in Palms (not sure of the source, but they had to be organic/open field eggs) - all had nice deep colored rich yolks, all perfectly cooked over-easy. We'll be back to try more of their menu. And again, the folks there are really nice.

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  1. Old post but deserves a bump.

    Photo 1: Pork belly hash $8.95 -- this was so good. Pork belly was incredibly tender. Potatoes and some apples in it. This was a great dish and it was surprisingly light, not very salty or overly spiced so as to interfere with the rest of your day :-)

    Photo 2: Roasted pork belly, brie, roasted garlic and house made pickles on a baguette $11.25 -- again, incredibly tender. Not a ton of belly in it but how much do you really need? Delicious.

    Photo 3: Pastrami, bacon, pickles, red onion, Swiss, alfalfa, chili aioli on grilled sourdough $10.95 -- this was incredible. Tangy sauce, the pickles were wafer thin.

    You could tell everything was house made and fresh. They cry their own potato chips, roast their own turkeys, the meats are antibiotic and hormone free.

    We all agreed we will be back.

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      I should have said in my post that we went today.

    2. I was there for Sunday brunch as well. Good coffee, and I got a table in the shade. I had the Little Stacker (egg in a hole with spinach). Good food, value, and I would go back. Solid neighborhood place.