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Nov 24, 2013 04:57 PM

Cossetta Pasticceria

I've been looking for a dessert place in the evening, and this may just work out. (I think Café Latte is overrated (sorry), and Patisserie 46 isn't open late. But I digress..)

Coffee is good, desserts are lovely - although a few of the chocolate varieties tend toward the sweet side - but the cookies... sigh. I make pretty good cookies, and I can't match these.

After picking up an assortment to try, promptly drove back the next day for more. They're of the lovely butter cookie type with at least ten different varieties - in addition to biscotti, cannoli, and other things you'd expect - and not the typical dry sugar cookie that I generally avoid. Definitely worth a visit, although I need to get past the desserts and cookies to try the gelato, so I can't speak to the entire experience.

Oh, and as a bonus, they have a lot in the back with one-hour parking. Stopped by when there was a concert at the X and could even find parking there.

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  1. I had their key lime tart the other day. Delicious!

    1. I think some of the desserts sit in the case too long so quality is pretty hit or miss.