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Nov 24, 2013 04:16 PM

Dinner recommendations (besides Le Cirque, e, Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy)

I have a friend coming in to town and I'm hoping to get a nice dinner with him. I tried to book Le Cirque, but they're closed as part of a planned 2-week shutdown in early December. Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy are a bit out of our price range. I ate at e last month, so that's out.

I'm looking for a memorable multi-course menu in the $100-$200 per person range without drinks. I'm currently booked at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, but am also considering Twist and Michael Mina.

My only restriction is that it not be a steakhouse.

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  1. Your current choice -- L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon -- is excellent. It's one of my favorites (after the ones you mentioned in the title).

    Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I preferred L'Atelier to Twist. I'd describe the cooking at Twist as halfway between Robuchon and e by Jose Andres. That sounds great, but somehow wasn't as satisfying as I expected. Still, Twist was very good indeed. The difference in atmosphere between the two restaurants is of course great; choose the style you prefer.

    I like Michael Mina; I've eaten there several times. However, it's not in the same class as the other two.

    Since you've mentioned only places on the Strip, I'll ignore other locations.

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    1. re: Larry

      Thanks, I do think I'd be happy at L'Atelier. Just wanted to get some other ideas to compare menus and make our final choice.

      I have heard mixed things about Twist and often the end result is that "it's good, but just a bit underwhelming", which sort of goes along with your review.

      What are the other off-strip locations? I haven't had very many multi-course meals off-strip. Although I don't think my friend will want to go to Kabuto or Raku.

      1. re: uhockey

        Could you elaborate? It'd help us a lot when it comes down to making the final choice. Maybe I'll just have to go to both...

        I did read your previous response when I was trying to choose between Le Cirque and L'Atelier before I found out Le Cirque was closed. You mentioned that Kamel has left. Wasn't he just the pastry chef? Have you been able to eat there since the staffing change?


        1. re: ah6tyfour

          Kamel was not 'just' a pastry chef, though he is a pastry chef. I have not been back since he left, no.

          As to Twist - it is high risk and high reward, it can be read about in my posts here or on the blog. I personally do not understand anyone calling it "underwhelming," though I do understand how someone could dislike it given Gagnaire's style of cuisine.

      2. Andre's at The Monte Carlo.....Andre Rochat does a phenominal job with his personal approach to the menu as well as the unique ambiance that the restaurant/lounge provide.

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        1. re: VegasGourmet

          Thanks! I had always just thought of Andre's as a normal steakhouse, but your recommendation made me look at their menus. Have you ever done their tasting menu?

          It looks pretty delicious and, with two people, we could order both choices per course and end up having tried 14 different things.

        2. This may seem like an off the wall option, but also consider doing the Chef's tasting at Parma. Red Sauce Italian done very well at $55/pp. It is in a little deli and certainly not 'fancy,' but excellent.

          Chada Thai also strikes me as 'upscale' for Thai with dark, somber lighting and excellent food/service.

          There is also, of course, Raku Omakase or Sushi at Kabuto with dessert next door at Sweets Raku - complete with one of the best Foie Gras courses in town.