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Nov 24, 2013 03:00 PM

New York Apple apple pie, needed.

I want to give my friendly neighbour a (local apple) apple pie for Thanksgiving.
I was in Union Sq. on Friday, saw an appealing variety of locavore versions for sale, and thought (stupidly), "oh, I'll come back at the weekend and get one for her then."
Returning today I realised my mistake but I have to secure something by tomorrow. I know I can slide into a chain store for something approximating my desire, but is there someplace in Manhattan that sells very good locally-sourced pastries such as what you'd find at a Columbia County farmstand, for example?

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  1. The Union Sq Greenmarket is also open on Mondays. Can you not stop by tomorrow?

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    1. re: kathryn

      ¬°Ay manzana! that's great to know, kathryn; I can and will. Thanks.

      (Can you recommend a longer, more studied piece about the politics and economics of local produce sales in the city? I'm sure it would make for interesting, if stomach-churning, reading.)

      1. re: Phil Ogelos

        Go early in the day- this time of year many vendors can sell out

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Good advice, I know, Tt; thanks to you and to Brian W., too.
          (I may pick up some Mm'ku stollen while I'm on the plaza.)

    2. If all else fails Fairway sells their own apple pies. They are not made by a farmer's wife in gingham but they are made locally with real ingredients. We just had one recently and it was exactly what I would expect in a really good apple pie.

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      1. re: Brian W

        Bought a Fairway pie the day before Thanksgiving. It was blah! No taste.

        By real ingredients we could be talking about canned apples. it tasted that blah.

        Whatever happened to Umanoff and Parsons?

      2. In my opinion, the best apple pie in NYC is the sour cream apple walnut pie from The Little Pie Co. on W. 43rd St. between 9th and 10th Ave. OUTSTANDING!

        1. Success! I returned around noon today, looked at the offerings of a few vendors, and bought a pair of pies made by "Bread Alone" from Lake Katrine, NY.
          Happy Thanksgiving all.
          (pbj: I saw your message too late, but I'll certainly check out that place before long.)

          P.S. The Momofuku stollen goes on sale 1 December.

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          1. re: Phil Ogelos

            The Bread Alone pies always look like best in show at the market. Let us know how it turns out.

            A little off topic, Citarella has really reasonably priced pies this year that looked impressive.

            Never was a fan of Little Pie Co. They're picturesque, but outrageously expensive (or were, maybe everyone else caught up, not that pies can go for $35), and boring tasting. They were the only game in town for years, including some eras when pies weren't in favor like they are today, and it was always the type of place you wished were better than it was. It's possible they finally found some good recipes and hired a good baker though.

            1. re: sugartoof

              I gave the apple pie to my neighbour and brought an apple/raspberry pie home to my family. The latter was absolutely, sumputously delicious and attendant children pouted after the pie~plate was licked clean; the former I hope to have a taste of this evening (no Rob Ford jokes, please!)

              One of the interesting things about these pies is that each weighs much, much more than you'd expect from the look of them. Seriously heavy, delicious pastries, then, and I'll be buying a passel every so often between now and Christmas.

              (I can't remember what I paid for each but will check back in with that number after my next trip; if the staff of my building were fewer in number, these pies would be my 'end-of-year tip' of choice.)

            2. re: Phil Ogelos

              Perfect! Bread alone makes some excellent baked goods. And re: little pie co, they make mini pies of their killer apple sour cream too so you don't have to buy a big one.