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Nov 24, 2013 02:54 PM

Dunedin Florida

From a distance this appears to be a walkable small town with nice restaurants. Can any chow residents apprise me of the quality of the grocery stores? No Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, I guess, but can a home cook find good lamb, fresh seafood, and more than two kinds of mushrooms? In other words, can a guy who cooks 360 days a year find happiness in Dunedin, FL? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. I do, but I have to venture outside of Dunedin.

    Jensen Brothers or Old Bay are two good places for fresh fish.
    Old Bay is a the end of Main St at the docks. and Jensen's is on Douglas between Main and Skinner. Restaurant Depot has nice whole fish. I get most of my meats from Costco in Clearwater. We have an Asian market on Main and an international market at the corner of Main and Overcash.

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      Thanks, Scubadoo. Costco is great, but sometimes you want fewer than nine lamb chops. Any butcher shops in or close to Dunedin? How is the farmers market?

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        No real butcher shops that I know of. You can get lamb chops at Publix, Fresh Market or similar stores. The rack of lamb at Costco would be a nice meal for 2-3 ppl.

        There are several produce stands along Alt 19 between Dunedin and Palm Harbor

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            'The rack of lamb at Costco would be a nice meal for 2-3 ppl'

            That has been my problem, have thought it was a single serving package.

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              Drove to Dunedin yesterday. Had only limited time to see the town. Lovely. The farmers market was just breaking up. Reminded me of Lake Michigan resort towns of Saugatuck/Douglas.

        1. There's also a co-op
          Plus another fish market at the marina
          If you're will to venture out a bit there's also a huge weekly market with local goat cheese,etc.
          And a huge Italian market Mazarros

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            Do you use the coop? Where do they get their products?

            Are there locals making goat cheese in pinellas?

            1. Trader joe to Tampa and st Pete early 2014 and whole foods to Clearwater try fresh market on 19 and enterprise

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                Thanks. Will visit the area the 3rd of January.

              2. Jensen Brothers Seafood on Douglas just south of Dunedin Brewery. Wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood. Great staff and recipes to boot. Southern Steer Butcher shop by Home Depot on 19 and Curlew, Steve's produce - 2 locations on Alt 19. Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater. Dunedin has a Green Market on Fridays and Saturdays until it gets hot!

                1. Clearwater will soon have a Whole Foods. Downtown Dunedin has a Farmer's Market on Wednesday.