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Nov 24, 2013 02:20 PM

Saucepan vs casserole pot

I'm looking to get a medium sized pot to use when my 2qt saucepan is just too small, and was looking at the 4qt casserole pot ( and 4qt saucepan ( from All Clad. The dimensions of the two seem similar enough, the main difference seems to be the handles.

Is there anything you would cook with one that you can't/wouldn't do with the other?


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  1. What are you cooking that you find your 2 quart too small? How many people are you cooking for?

    Of the two potential options, I personally would go with the 2 smaller loop handled option just cause I frequently have a "handle jam" in the middle of the stove with them turned to keep out of the kiddo's reach. Likewise, the casserole option would probably fit better in the oven if you needed it for that option.

    1. When I was making the same decision I went with the all clad 4 qt soup pot. It's served me well. It's the same dimensions as the 4 qt saucepan and it's cheaper ( when I bought mine it was also on sale and it came with a ladle).

      1. Thanks for your insightful replies.

        I'm normally cooking for just 1 or 2 and so haven't ever needed something so large as a stock pot... The 2qt becomes too small when I'm making something more soupy or even just steaming vegetables.

        I'm gonna go with what the both of you recommended and get the casserole pot.


        1. I got a 6-quart AC last year with two loop handles and love it. It seems so much more manageable than my smaller AC pieces with the longer handles. It's easier storage-wise, too.

          Looking at your links makes me want a new piece ... so pretty and shiny!

          1. The saucepan is handier when you are cooking something that needs constant stirring, like risotto or polenta. You can keep it steady by holding the handle, and your hand is farther away from the heat. However, I tend to use a saucier with curved sides for this. Just about any other use such as soups, the double handles are...well, handier.

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            1. re: mwhitmore

              Hi, mwhitmore:

              I agree--for this size. 4Q is small/light enough to fit in the oven with the saucepan handle, and the saucepan already has a helper. I would only change my opinion above about 6Q in volume.


              1. re: kaleokahu

                Hi Kaleo,

                Alert the media, we agree! I tend to be a handle grabber, and currently my largest saucepan is 4.5 quarts. I find it's handle to be very handy, especially since it's a good size for cooking all kinds of things for 2-3 people, so gets used 3-5 times a week. It's easy to grab empty, easy to maneuver when full with it's helper handle.

                And it goes very easily into the oven when I bake bread in it.