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Nov 24, 2013 11:56 AM

BROWN tomatoes??

Have a "chain" in my area of NJ and SE PA called Produce Junction. A very no-frills, kinda bulk place with REALLY nice stuff at REALLY good prices. They often have produce that's not normally in local supermarkets. Have tried FRESH garbanzos and favas... for me ok but NOT worth the work?!?

Was there yesterday, specifically to buy sweet potatoes and pearl onions for Thursday. As I was in line to check out, there were these "brown" tomatoes call KUMATOS. Looked heirloomy and at $1.50 a lb took a chance. They come from Mexico and actually taste like a TOMATO! When I googled to find out more about them, one of the links went to Trader Joe's where they're $3.49/lb!

Passed on a 1 lb bag of these MINI cukes... not quite as long as my pinky and a little fatter... and I have skinny fingers. Thiink I might look for a recipe for cournichons??

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  1. I like Kumato when it is not local tomato season, too. I find them only in boxes of about 4-6, usually for $3.99 to 4.99 or so, in NYC. So you are lucky! I think they sometimes come from Canada, in the right season, like Camparis.

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      COmpany is in Canada (according to package) but OBVIOUSLY NOT tomato season there in late November. There were 5 to a package... hoping they're be at PJ next time I'm there. Ya never know!?!

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        Pretty sure they are grown in greenhouse, because Campari from Canada are available here far out of actual tomato season….I think Kumatos (grown in Canada) are as well. Oddly, the Kumato site does not mention Mexico..but the site of Sunset Corp does…greenhouse grown there, too, I would guess.

    2. Kumatos are my go to tomato here during the New England winters. They are sweet, never mealy and have a fresh tomato taste. Those, along with Backyard Farm, are the only tomatoes worth eating raw this time of year.

      1. I love the taste of "dark" tomatoes. You seldom find them at groceries, but farmer's markets often have them. Besides Kumatos, you might try to find Cherokee Purple, Indian Stripe, Black Prince, Black from Tula, Black Russian, etc. Despite the names, they all look brownish at one point as they ripen.

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          I love growing the so-called black tomatoes, which range in color from dark brown to purple. Great flavor is the reason. The color comes from their trait where they fail to lose the green color as the red color appears during ripening.