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Nov 24, 2013 09:56 AM

ISO Italian cookies for trays for next week

I need to make 30 trays of Italian cookies for coworkers for Christmas. I am going to be in the GTA next week and am looking for recs; following is some info.
1. Will freeze well.
2. Traditional
3. Not over the top expensive; quality is important but cannot afford to do so with 30 trays.
4. Will be in downtown TO with a car but traveling up to Vaughan/Woodbridge area.
5. What about those little meringue mushrooms; wouldn't mind one or two for each.
6. Will have sister in law with me who is shopping while I am working; so I can send her out on a hunt.

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  1. I'd go to Forno Cultura on King W between Spadina and Bathurst. There's a thread on Forno Cultura. They've got a selection of at least 2 dozen different cookies and amaretti.I didn't notice any meringues.

    Best Italian cookies I've had. They're pricier than most bakeries, but I think they're reasonably priced considering the quality of the ingredients.

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      I agree with prima! Nothing beats Forno Cultura!!!

    2. San Remo bakery in Etobicoke has a great selection of Italian cookies and from what I've tried, they're great. They are affordable and I believe you can negotiate a deal with them too if you're buying in bulk.

      Prima... the more you talk about great Forno Cultura is, the higher it's jumping on my 'must go here' list. It's becoming tied with Bero shortly!