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Nov 24, 2013 09:30 AM

Best jelly donuts in lower Westchester?

Looking to bring for Thanksgiving/Hanukah and Galloways isn't making them this week.

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  1. Hmm. It's not exactly lower Westchester, but La Tulipe in Mt. Kisco makes beignets filled with jam that are outstanding, and, depending on where you are, worth a trip out of the way. You can fill up on their croissants, muffins, delicate buttery cookies, and assorted macarons while you are there.

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    1. kneaded bread in portchester has jam filled brioche (i think it is) ,anyway whatever they are, they are very good.

      1. I am assuming you don't need kosher jelly doughnuts. If you do Heisler's in New Rochelle makes traditional,sufaniot/jelly doughnuts full size and minis. They are okay.

        For something less traditional but super delicious I would recommend what I had yesterday. An old fashioned doughnut filled with jam at, don't laugh, Homefield deli and restaurant on Saw Mill River road in Yonkers. It was terrific. A really excellent cake doughnut with a sugar laden fried to a perfect crunch exterior. The interior had just the right amount of crumble and jam in the center.
        Apparently this doughnut is a mistake and gets sent with the regular delivery on occasion. I was told that the bakery that supplies them makes traditional jelly doughnuts as well with either powdered or granulated sugar. I have not had one but if they are half as good as the old fashioned doughnuts then you will be pleased. The person I spoke with at the deli said they would ask the bakery if they could make the old fashioned jelly doughnuts if requested.
        They will need about a day's notice for an order.

        1. Martine's in Scarsdale or Tuckahoe should have them.

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            I had one at Martine's today in Scarsdale. They are pretty small (I don't know what size they are usually), slightly larger than munchkins. It was definitely not fresh and the jelly inside had a weird flavor. Couldn't even finish the little thing...

          2. Ok, now I'm going to totally embarrass myself. After reading this thread I had an overwhelming craving for a jelly donut, which never happens. I drove myself to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and got the jelly donut with powered sugar. For me, it was great -- fresh, soft with right jelly ratio. Of course, you wouldn't want to bring a box from DD to a special occasion ....